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I have decided to go for a tata estate instead of a sierra as I am getting an estate in arount 30-40000. kindly can anyone provide me more information on this vehicle
By Sathya Murthy 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Tata Estate will be a good option as used for cross country usage and utility.However there will be increase in maintenance cost due to wear out of parts, with good service backup from Tata Motors it can be maintained well.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

i am failing to undestand why do want to go for these age old cars? TATA has stopped manufacturing them 7-8 years back and any car that you will be getting now will be minimum 10 years old. price is very less, fine! but what about maintainance cost and reliability. you can go for a buy if you are a mechanic yourself else look for some better option. teachnically also both these cars are useless piece of mecahnics so spend your money carefully

Answer by Tj Arun 07 July 2009

Maintenance will be very high, and non availability of some important spares, You need to keep spending every moment, Please do not go for it.

Answer by Basha 07 July 2009

They are rugged, but they are old cars as well. So, make sure that the car is in good enough shape to spend 40K on. There are some thumb rules to buying such cars.. You see, a kabadi (junk dealer) usually offers about Rs.15K to about 20K for an average size car such as a Cielo etc.. In the case of the Estate, since it is a heavier car and the sheet metal is thicker, he may offer up to 25 to 27K Max. So, any amount over and above that is profit for the seller. If the car is not in good enough condition and it may need money for repairs such as body denting, painting etc., don't offer to pay anything above 30K. Otherwise, by the time the car is roadworthy and done, it will cost you anything above 70 to 80K. Check out if its worth that much to you. If not, go for other options.

Answer by Sasi Menon 07 July 2009

please go for another car because these piece are shit and maintainence so high, so you have to spend lot of money every time .just forget about these cars

Answer by Ashwani 05 May 2014
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