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I want help whether I can get service from Daewoo Cielo 1996.Is advisable to purchase this car for my Sparingly used Purpose since I am a Retired Employee.Is this Vehicle Running Model and available in the Market. SN MANNE 9391339874
By SN MANNE B Com LLB 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Though cielo is available at cheaper price, its not recommended as the maintenance cost wil be on higher side and also increased frequency of repair and delay in getting parts makes it a not so good choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

hello mr manne,from your message i can tell that you are person who today looks for value for money,safety and peace of mind.
sadly the daewoo cielo will never give you nothing of the above.
the cielo is hateful hateful car that is prone to chronic breakdowns,spares are ridiculously expensive and has zero resale value.
ihave in the recent past seen several people both young and senior fall prey to the "low cost factor"buying only to later regret throwing away their money

Answer by Darxide 07 July 2009

I am still using my Cielo 1996 model. i am getting it serviced/repaired by Manoj Menon - 98804 09123 in Koramangala. So far no problem getting spares. The engineering and engine performance of this will still beat many new sedans in the market.

Sundeep Gupta

Answer by Sundeep Gupta 07 July 2009

I have been using a cielo car for nearly 8 years until I switched to a dezire diesel car. It is a value for money car at the current prices and the spares are available and are not very expensive, but costs more than a maruti 800. There are private workshops that attend to the repairs in all cities and Opel has cars with the same gear box and other components. If maintained well it gives a very good ride quality (it can beat many MID SEGMENT CARS on this point) at around 12km per litre on high ways and 10 km in city with AC on. With autogas the running costs would be a shade lower.

Answer by Subhash 07 July 2009

cielo is that kind of car on which you have to spent whole of your pension amount,you will get it around 20000rs -25000 rs which is quite low but the maintanance is very short dont buy this can not reach the destination on time due to failure in the car almost.i nver write here but if you are asking the my telling you my mechanic can find out its problem early,company cost is very high.dont go for it else you are the own boss....

Answer by Gaurav 07 July 2009

Dear Manne,

I am using Cielo 96 model for the past 7 yrs and so far no problem. I brought the car from Delhi to Hyderabad and still using here. Now, in the recent past, the break problem has started and it is costing me Rs.10,000/- (Mazda Motors, Hyderabad). Although, I love this car very much but when the maintanence comes, it is really difficult to manage this car. On the other side, the fuel tank - I do not know whether it is made for some War tanker. It consumes petrol like kids eating ice creams. All cielo loves Petrol. Off late, I am thinking of disposing it and buying a TVS Scooty for it. Yes, its a fact.

Hey guys, go for some Maruti cars which are very easy to maintain. The availability of spare parts are so easy from Kanyakumari to Himalayas.


Guru Prasad,

Answer by Guru Prasad 07 July 2009

i have black cielo and i instlaeed 2000 cc nissan diesal engine its good and nice car with deisel engine its cost me around 95000 rs millage is 20 km with ac

Answer by Sandeep 07 July 2009

An Information for all the owners of Ceilo.
I can bet to all the owners that its a low maintaince
car if in case ur r living in a city like Delhi.
However one can expect frequents fault since u r taking
advantage from a old age worker whether its Ceilo or any
other car of the same model.Can call me for Ceilo advice
at any time.
Gagan 9891901212

Answer by Gagan 07 July 2009

Hi Mr.Manne you better drop idea of purchaseing this cielo,I have very bad experance with car.You are a Retired Employee,its better to take rest & put your money in bank and be happy in this age.If you really wamt to buy car You go for Maruthi cars with any models,its value for money,You can drive happly with out tension.All over india you have athourised service centre.So please dont purchase cielo.

Answer by Khan 07 July 2009

I have Cielo 1997 automatic transmission model. I have had Amby, Fiat,maruti 800, tata indica, fiat palio and then bought this one from the original owner in 2004 at 65000. And i will never go to any other car. EVEN THE TOPMOST MID-SEGMENT MODELS CANNOT BEAT THE FEATURES OF CIELO. At a cost it is available it is worth a buy anytime. Yeah true that it is expensive but you have see your usuage. I drive about 300 Kms a week, with AC/heating on it gives about 6-7 average. I bought it ofr 65K and have spent about 40K that too coz the mechanic messed up the AC and i had to go in for a complete new fittings.

It is truly luxurius, royal, very smooth, strong body (so you need not be scared of dents so prevalent with all maruti, hyundai and fiat models.) The automatic transmission makes it so convenient in traffic jams, pick up is so good, very spacious, boot space the biggest.

Analyse this - to save this so called extra maintenance, you go for new cars which are at least 5 times more expensive so in a way you are paying upfront the expenses which get spread out in case of cielo. And again even with the new cars or anu current models, is there really a guarantee that they would not give any problem.

There are good mechanics availbale in delhi.


Answer by Anonymous Owner Of Cielo 01 January 2011

please send the daewoo cielo help book to my e-mail:

Answer by Amin 09 September 2013

i have a cielo car 1995 models i meed a front bumper is it available in hyderabad

Answer by Sunil Shah 06 June 2013

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