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what are the main features that i look at a car when i am buying and how do i jugde for what rate to buy it for ( A Second Hand Car )

By Stephen Grey on May 17, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    You can use car valuation link in our home page to compare and evaluate a right price of a car. The points to be considered while buying a car are
    1.Vehicle maintenance history (if available)
    2.Body condition , check for welding marks , removal of factory seals in joints near suspension
    3.Mileage is not to be considered much , as it may be tampered.
    4.Take vehicle for test drive
    5.You will also have to consider general problems with particular model and manufacturer, Example -Spare part availability , frequent problem in gearbox in all models of that make, etc
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

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