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I am planning to buy an used Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Model that has clocked 60 K Let me know which parts are prone to replacement and also which other aspects thats has to be considered before closing the deal.

By Vishu on Jun 30, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    With the running of 60K km the main problems that can pop up are the necessity to replace suspension bush kit, bearings,oil leakage etc.While buying the car pay attention to body. condition including interiors and take a test drive to check for unusual engine noice, suspensionm noise etc.Lancer has good resale value and you canexpect good service of vehicle for atleast another 75K KM.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 1, 2009

  • Thanks a lot sir for your kind answer,
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 1, 2009

  • also donot forget to change the timing belt, it has to be changed either after 5 yrs or 75 k kms. Check the shockers, if leakage is there then replace them.
    Answer by Puneet Chauhan on Jul 1, 2009

  • Chauhan Ji, ThanQ for this valuable tip
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 1, 2009

  • My answer is dont buy a 2000 model lancer, secondly most of the the lancer users never sell their vehicles because they buy this car for style and ready to spend as much as possiblle to make it look more attractive, so the user must be selling this because his car must be having a major issue and the odo meter showing 6000 kms is less as he must have driven more than 1 lac kms so the meter simply looks to me as tampered, one more thing all the electric and body parts like the central lock, power window and handles and other things need to be checked, please open the set cover to see what lies beneath it and also look beneath the foot mat below to see how much the body has worn out than you will come to the conclusion and to support it ask any bank they do not finance any lancer car below 2002 model what will be the reason for that, simply analysis this points and take your decision lastly hear the jerk when you close the doors...........


    Answer by Shashank on Jul 1, 2009

  • hey shanks,
    I happened to read the reviews of all the Lancer owners on another site and every one has reported that the car is giving 10 in city and about 15 on highways. Even Auto car and Overdrive report the same. I dont understand why you get lesser milage. o.k, secondly do you know any one who can offer me a nice car of 2004 model within my budget reach?
    as you advised may be, I will forget this car and go for a 2004 model.
    Thanks a lot.
    take care buddy.
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 2, 2009

  • Dear Shashank,
    I am buying that car for 1.3 Lacs and it has momo steering, Evo body kit, Recaro seats 16"oz alloy wheels. I know that the car has clocked more than 1,33000 and the owner says it has run only 33 k I am willing to spend another 30 K, to restore this car if any unfound irregularities appear after I purchase the same. Now just let me know whether my move to buy it is a wise one or not. I welcome your suggestion as I always respect it. Further also let me know what price I can pay for a used Mitsubishi of 2000 make. Thanks a lot for being honest. Do reply.
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 1, 2009

  • This is the pic of the car I intend to buy. Let me have your opinion
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 1, 2009

  • one more pic
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 1, 2009

  • Dear Vishnu,

    Thanx for being so courteous, My remark on your mail is that when you end up spending more 30K ensure that it covers all cosmetic changes , body part changes and also the spare parts and when you spend up about 1.6k please be ready to accept that you will not get the price when you sell it in the future as a car aof any make which has clocked above 1 lac kms is never boght, secondly i presume you are the second owner and the price again will be depreciated and lastly the average you will get will be less than 8 as there are a lot of modification done by the user as well as you as the modifications change the engines performance and reduce the performance and increase the fuel consumption and If you fit LPG from a authorised dealer you end up spending more of Rs 25k which brings the cost of the car to about Rs 2k, so consider this options and go ahead, I am giving this options because I have changed about 10 cars in the last 5 years and been using the lancer in the last 5 five cases but in spite of all the cons of the car I still want to keep a lancer which burns a hole in my pocket, so If you dont mind the high price of the spare parts and very high fuel consumption than go ahead and buy because lancer is for SHOUKINS and not people who think of economy.

    Happy buying and driving.


    Answer by Shashank Patil on Jul 2, 2009

  • Dear shashank,

    I am also a sensitive person like you and buy the car using my heart over head. I have a Safari also which I like a lot and never sell it coz it has never let me down. Rest of my cars, I usually donate them to my friends at cost price after usage. I liked this car and want to retain it for another 3 more years and want to dispose off my Esteem for just 70 K. But my initial hesitation is that whether the car is stolen or has a big problem in it that is unrevealed by the owner. My final budget on this car will be 2 lakhs and I dont mind selling it at 1.3 Lac after I use it for another 3 years coz I consider whatever I spend will be for my self satisfaction. Now plz tell me with a budget allocation of 2 lakhs whether it is wise to go for this car or to buy any other good lancer with all modification coz this car has 16" tyres inplace of 13" which may harm the bearings, drive shaft and may foul with the wheel arches. Since you are the owner and now my friend, I will listen to your precious advice on the subject.
    with warm regards my friend. If I come over to Mumbai, definitely look forward to meet you in person. Do reply my friend and enlighten me .

    Vishu kamath
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 2, 2009

  • Dear Vishnu,
    Check the engine & chassis number of this car with the rto where it is registered and than you will come to know the owners name and than check the same with the RC book and verify the first, second owners name than you will know whether the car is stolen one or genuine,
    But modified cars I will advise you performance will suffer and if you fit LPG you get a average of about 7kmph only if one is a good driver and what happens If one of the modified parts dont work and needs replacement you will not find a readymade one you have to order the same from some other sources other than the garages which will be time consuming and costly, so think on these points, lastly all the modifications and If you fit a PLG kit will reduce the pick up of the car considerably and whats the fun If you are not ahead of another car on the highway and with the AC on it will certainly drag cause its a 2000 model.

    So finally its up to you to decide or go for a model above 2004 and get it modified according to your style .

    Till than Happy Driving.

    Kind Regards

    Answer by Shashank on Jul 2, 2009

  • am owning apetrolone.done major is timeto replce plugs, suspension cheks,tie rod end,moremodifications more go for a lancer diesal car if ur pocketallows.if not 2003 2004 petrol one is good.ur usig needs desides ur car.LANCER IS ALWAYS LANCER.
    Answer by Sshanmugasundaram on Jul 3, 2009

  • As all of you have suggested I will go for a newer model, as this car is used for daily 12 of usage mainly in city. My Safari is always used for Long Drives and never gave me any problem so far. Lancer is a Lancer as you said and I will go for a petrol one.
    Thank you Shanmuga Sundaram
    Answer by Vishu Kamath on Jul 3, 2009

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