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Thank You Sir, Kindly let me know the IndicaXeta GLE E3 for which discount Voucher offered by TATA Motors is Petrol Version or Desil Version.?
By SN MANNE B Com LLB 06 June 2009

Hi.. IndicaXeta GLE is Petrol version. Dont buy that car

Answer by Jasmeet 06 June 2009

Hi.... Jasmeet,Owner of Tata Indica. Kindly enlighten the reasons for not recommending the IndicaXeta GLE. I am a Retired Employee, There will not be much use for the Car I want to purchse a Car within the Budget of Rs 3.00 Lakhs. Can you suggest me a GOOD Car either in Desile/Gas Versions.Which car you suggest..!

Answer by SN MANNE B Com LLB 06 June 2009

Hello... I had indica Xeta GLS and trust me that is not at all comfortable driving, also it does not have good resale value. I had installed CNG kit but later realised CNG is not successful with TATA Petrol engine. Car developed starting problem and when I took it to the service station they told me un-install CNG then only it will work fine. I wasted some 35K on CNG then got it removed still it had the same problem. Finally I have sold that car, so I would suggest you to buy Santro or Alto instead. As Maruti and Hyundai provide good service and has decent resale value. I will never buy TATA car again, had such a pathetic experience.

Answer by Jasmeet 06 June 2009

Thank You Sir,
Thank You Very Much
Mr.Jasmeet sir for your valuable suggestion. !

I am very Much thankful for your suggestion.!

Answer by SN MANNE B Com LLB 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

It will be worth going for a diesel Indica than Xets. Tata motors is offering 40k discount and other gift vouchours. Its applicable for all models of Tata cars.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009
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