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I am buying 1999 Cielo ( 110000 kms) for Rs.85000/- what about service & service cost... shall I I go for it....
By Shobha Kumar 06 June 2009

The price you are paying is too high for the car check various online sites you will get the cheaper deal , service will be a problem for cielo . you will have to check tht out from local service station

Answer by Anshu 06 June 2009


Answer by RAJESH 06 June 2009

Hi Shobha - A 10 year Cielo is just not worth it, for 85K or's a defunct model and Daewoo Motors do not existanymore, so you'll need to use local mechanics for servicing and don't even talk of getting spares. My recommendation woould be look for a good Maruti Esteem, I'm sure if you look at the Sunday Newspapers/Maurti True value/Car Sites, you'll get a good deal. All the best.

Answer by Niitn Sehgal 06 June 2009

Please dont buy a Cielo It will be more trouble than you can handle and after a couple of years you will realise that you have a sitting duck in your garage.Look for Esteems especially the 1.3version.

Answer by Jiju A Nair 06 June 2009

Hei , Please give me 80K I will give you 2 cielos happy? haha

Answer by Prasad 06 June 2009

you must buy that car in 8000. not in's a fully loded car but no parts are available in market and milege is 6 to 7 kmpl. so c.n.g. may be better option and if you like car it's fine to buy it in rang of 15000 to 25000 only

Answer by Nirav 06 June 2009

probably the seller has done some JAADU TONA on you....

Answer by Rao 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Its not advisable to go forused Cielo that too at price of 80k.Alternatively you canbuy a used Esteem at the same price.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

yaar appke paas itna paisa kaha se ayya
mai apko.80 k mai 4 ciel dilwa doonga.pls

Answer by Kuldip 06 June 2009

Please do not make the mistake of sinking your money in buying a Cielo.It was an excellent car, but , because of non- availability of spares and inadequate service and repair facilities, the car is an elephant on the road.Go for an Esteem-1.3 lt for a comparable price-it is a much better dealer. However, while going for an Esteem ensure you have a car with MPFI facility and do not get sucked in by a carburretor facility.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 06 June 2009

Hi Shobha, Even I am one of the biggest fan of Cielo. I think the car is bit priced high. It has also ran 1 lac km. So check the car thoroughly for its performance. Once u are satisfied with it, negotiate with the dealer or owner for 65k. I think its no more worth than it. Cielo is really a awesome car. I love it!!! So if you have decided go for it. Good Luck!

Answer by Vetrivelmurugan 06 June 2009

Hi Shobha,

Looks like this is your first car buy. Sincerely speaking the Daewoo Motors that brought in Cielo in India has shut down. So do consider the maintenence isuses of this car.

The Cielo is indeed a wonderful car to drive, I have personally dreiven it twice from Mumbai- Delhi and back. The drive is just superb, unfortunate it failed in India.

The car that you are trying to buy , should be available at nothing more than Rs. 30000- Rs. 35000.

If you have a sensible mechanic who can take care of the so many irritations that the car typically throws in. [ Connecing cable short circuits, alternater troubles, AC failures, poor headlights, electrical issues, power window failures etc... then its ok to buy it at 30-35 k.

Suggest: Do consider some better / less headache options before you take a decision.. eg. a maruti thats more reliable

Answer by Anand 06 June 2009

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Answer by Deepak 06 June 2009
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