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Hello Everybody I want to a small car but confused between 1)Spark 2)I-10 3)Wagon-R 4)A-Star I personaly feel i should go for Spark My budget is between 3 to 4 Your response will be of great help for me ISHWAR
By Ishwardas 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Inthe budget range mentioned and the requirments Spark will be a good choice and value for money.If you go for used you will have many options including Indica, Santro, Alto etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

Here's my response:
Spark: Easy car to drive. Relatively peppy in stop-start city driving, though not very strong in outright acceleration. However, good driveability. Comfortable seats and well built interiors. Good AC. The suspension is good at higher speeds and the car feels well planted on the roads, even at speeds of 120kmph. If you go for the LT version, you also get rear split seats, which, believe me, makes a lot of difference when you want to carry stuff. Also, you get rear wiper, which is of much use if you live in rainy or dusty areas. Check out the GM Service in your town and get feedback from other GM owners there.
i10: I have never driven one, so I have no experience.
Wagon R: Owned one for 3 years / 75000km. Never gave any problem and was reliable as hell. Lots of space and combinations of seat arrangements. Split seats are there, so luggage can be carried easily if there are no rear seat occupants. However, it is costlier than Spark and it has also become an old model now. There is no freshness. Also, the ride is choppy and does not induce much confidence in high speeds. 100 to 110kmph is the max you feel safe with.
A Star: Strictly a car for two people. The rear is cramped and the luggage space is very small. Buy only if you are two people max. The engine is nice and moves with a racy grunt. Good to chuck around corners and zip through traffic. The grip is also great. But again, more expensive than the Spark. Maruti service is supposed to be great everywhere and that should not be a problem.
So, if you ask me, I will bet on the Spark, as its cheaper and offers a lot of stuff for that price, especially the LT model. I have the LT and I have never faced any problem. Do check out the GM Service at your place, as they are known to be slow and a little problematic, though nothing to worry about. In Jaipur, they are quite poor.

Answer by Sasi Menon 07 July 2009


Spark is the best option.

Answer by Ganesh 07 July 2009

thanks for yoyr response
how bout vista petrol . My dad suggested me .
please proved me some feed back on vists petrol

Answer by Ishwar 07 July 2009

Indica Vista Petrol is a hoot to drive. Good driving manners, lots of space and refinement is at good levels too. Plus Tata cars are not too expensive to maintain, ensuring lower running costs. The economy too is not bad either; you should receive a 13-14 km/ltr in the city with AC on. Bonus point on Indica Vista is that you have an interior space which would out-match some Sedans. Indica Vista Petrol should fall withing your budget of within 4 lacs for the Terra/Aqua. You could even check for dealer discounts.

Answer by Ron 07 July 2009

Hi Ishwar- I would do a toss between the wagon r and the i10. The proof lies in these being the maximum numbers seen on the road.

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 07 July 2009

my wagon-R LXI already clocked in 1,04,500 kms. and still giving me 12kms/ltr with AC.

Answer by Sangeeta M Ehrotra 07 July 2009

no doubt about wagon performance. Its an excellent car. But wagonR is very old tech now i personaly think go for some new varient . Can any body get me review from vista user.
Guys this is my first car, thats the reason i am playing it safe

Answer by Ishwar 07 July 2009
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