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which car is for lifetime.low maintainence n high reliabilty.plz giv pos n neg tiv points.choices r innova /scorpio
By Abhishek 06 June 2009

I will answer it with a Russian saying "There is no sensible answer to a stupid question"

Answer by Minoo Shroff 06 June 2009

Hello Abhishek

We have a Toyota innova in a rural area of India. We own quality cars in the uk and we have found that the Toyota Innova diesel to be a strong, reliable and flexible load carrier able to carry 7 or 8 persons and with luggage using the excellent roof rack supplied by toyota. The car is relatively low cost as it is completely manufactured in India and there are plenty of dealer outlets for good servicing standards.

For the price I cannot fault this vehicle. Its finish is very good indeed, and it is possible to have leather seats made to measure and fitted over existing to a very good standard indeed.

The Innova is a people carrier, the diesel can be expected to last a very long time if correctly serviced on time.

Any negatives are difficult to find - i have not found any yet.

William Howarth

Answer by W HOWARTH 06 June 2009

Inova- its well built, and good quality, this can be used for almost 20 years if used and serviced regularly.

Answer by MANOJ 06 June 2009

its inova, any time there is a wast diffrence between toyota & mahindras engineering fit and finish and riding quality, but if your isssue is off roading then scorpio is the best choice.

Answer by Milind 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Innova will be better choice for its overall performance, space, comfort.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

Fit/finish/parts quality - Toyota No.1 ; Ride quality on highways, levelled roads, cities with lesser no. of speed breaker humps - Innova is good ; But when it comes to typical Indian roads and off roads - Scorpio takes the cake. Scorpio is much superior for city drives in terms of ease of steering and manouverablity too.
Cost of Servicing, spares - Mahindra beats any Toyota car by miles. Though Mahindra sells more Scorpios than Toyota, you will find most, why, almost all of them are Owner driven and not taxis...

Answer by Rao 06 June 2009

i think scorpio will be best performance

Answer by 8NAVIN8 06 June 2009
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