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I want to purchase one comfortable car or SUV MPV within a budget of around 25 lakhs. I have to travel 2000kms per month locally within the city of bhubaneswar and another 2000kms for long drives of places around 500km away from bhubaneswar.I am a Thalassemic and managing with 2 to 4 bottles of blood infusion regularly per month. When the transfusion date arrives , my body becomes weak.Hence I need comfortable car with Automatic Transmission. Also occassionaly I have to go to some villages located at 400kms away from my residence. I am a civil Engineer by profession and I have other interests like running an Agricultural farm at 120kms away. I have narrowed down my choices to Skoda Superb 2.0 Diesel DSG Auto and Chevrolet Captiva and hyundai Sonata Transform Diesel AT . Please suggest me the best buy.
By RK Sutar 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned Skoda Superb makes the best choice for its safety features, performance , great comfort interiors.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

i feel u should go in for the chevrolet captiva auto,considering u being a civil engg. have to travel to rough areas u should take a car that can take all terrains..

Answer by Rohit 06 June 2009

you can give a thought for Honda CRV, it sgodd, reliable, comfortable. but it runs on Petrol and milage is 6-7 Kms per ltr.

Answer by Ashish Garg 06 June 2009

The only SUV in your list is Captiva. The strongest in your list is Skoda (Laura and above) and Captiva. Check if Hyundai has got Santa Fe launched and take a test drive before finalizing.

Answer by Jacob 06 June 2009

Captiva is the best, you can use it onroad as well as offroad having a good ground clerance and its a international suv.

Answer by Manoj 06 June 2009

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Answer by Sabarish 06 June 2009

hi sir,

go for skoda superb..!!!!! DSG AUTO

it's fine. it's worth

Answer by PURNA ANIL 06 June 2009

i think the chevy captiva will fit your the amount of highway driving you have mentioned , an suv is a better choice. with a 3 year spares & service warranty from GM , i feel , it should be hassle free experience for you. like you said , you will be driving , it is surely a drivers car .

Answer by Munaf Patel 06 June 2009


Answer by 8NAVIN8 06 June 2009

I will bet on the Chevy Captiva, as it is an SUV and you are talking of agricultural land and civil engineering (meaning a lot of site visits). Both the Superb and the Sonata will occupy the same space on the road as the Captiva, so there is no size advantage in the city with either of them, over the Captiva. With the Captiva, you will enjoy a higher seating position and that will be more comfortable. All three will give you roughly the same mileage, so that is also not an issue.
Captiva, sir, is the way to go....

Answer by Sasi Menon 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

First, let me tell you that you are a rock star, that inspite of all your problems, you are doing so much in life. Its a lesson for many of us.

Coming to your need, given the choices Skoda Superb is indeed a superb sedan. But why not try the ford Endeavour or the Suzuki Grand Vitara. Both are solid, spacious and very comfortable both off road and on it.

But if you have zeroed in on the chioices, then go for the Skoda.

Answer by JOshua 07 July 2009
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