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Hi Shiva Shankar, Please advice whether it is a good choice to buy Hyundai i20. I have been waiting for Jazz but the pricing is quite high. Please advice whether i20 is ok or do you advice anything else. My usage: 350kms per month - city ride 85% - highway 15%
By Sivaram 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

For the preferences mentioned best selection will be between i20 and the newly Launched Grand Punto.Punto has refreshing looks power better than i20 and available in diesel version too and makes a great choice.It has the good power and options with different varients at suitable pricing.Looking wise i20 is better than punto but the power is quite less compared to Punto and otherwise good selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

hey sivaram,
i connot comment on Fiat Gp, as i didnt see the vehcle.
but i20, it is realiy rocking, now i completed 700km, very smooth driving, the quality of interior is owesome, i get around 12km/ltr i drove 50:50 city/highways, other best thing i noticed is the servicing, as per the dealer, it can be servised at any hundai dealer in india. , where fiat/maruthi am not sure.the power aspect,i dont see much defferenc apart from paper, man u r buying this for domestic purpose or any race?. so recomment u i20asta, 6.15appx onroad. after all its u to deside, so take TD of both then finalice, wish u good buy

Answer by Rithesh 06 June 2009
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