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Hi Experts I travelled a distance of approx 25 kms between office and home today on 21st Nov all of a sudden nearby my home I felt some light bumping jerking every time I pressed on accelerator After driving for about 2 Kms it started accelerating automatically at a speed of approx 30 to 40 Kms then became normal After about a Kms accelerating problem started again Somehow I managed to reach home safely driving on all gears but using more clutch to control acceleration in traffic jams It was very noisy when I was stuck in a small jam Car AC lights music system all things are working fine Heat indicator is normal But when it is standing on neutral gear even then it is accelerating more compared to when in gear during drive There is no visible smoke on the silencer What could be the problem Car: Wagon R LXi 2010 model run 151000 Kms reading but Engine intact
By Umesh 11 November 2020
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