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I have an opel corsa gls 2003 model. I notice that often engine light is "ON" It constantly glow after 200 meter when car moves on road. I checked with mechanic but he couldn't find the fault. Could someone advices and address me on this front.
By Sherif 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

The problem could be due to wirring connections. Please get the same checked.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

i think u are asking about the orange light which is on before u could start the engine and goes off after u start the engine,if ur having the light lite up once again then its a indication stating that ur engine needs a check up as something is wrong on it ,like it could be the current supply is improper to the spark plugs or the spark plugs could be worn out (if so change the spark as twin spark which is really good)or it could be a sensor is sensing some carbon in ur engine ,its better u get it to a authorised service center and get it checked on there system,and identify the problem and get it done with ur mechanic

Answer by Yousuf 06 June 2009

Pl check brake drums and related accessories. I faced the same problem and mechanic identified it as brake related problem. You may check on brake oil levels too.

Answer by R V Prasad 06 June 2009

This problem happened in my car also last year. I took the car to the GM service people at Okhla, from where I had originally purchased the vehicle in 2005. They dignosed it as fauly electronic spark control system. It was replaced, and the problem disappeared. The overall engine systems also improved, including high petrol consumption. Apparently,such faults may develop after around 30000 Km driving.

Answer by AK Sengupta 06 June 2009

Hi Sherif! Yousuf has given you a clear indication of what could be wrong with your car. You have to take your car to a scan centre and have it scanned. This will cost around Rs 500/-. The problem will be with the sensor which calculates the air intake according to the fuel used. Am sure your mileage has also dropped because of this. Once you change the sensor then even the mileage will also improve. The original sensor will cost around Rs 3000/- but you can ask for a second hand one which will be half the price.

Am surprised that the expert in this has not given proper advice!

Safe driving!!!

Answer by Nigel Lazar 06 June 2009
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