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Whats is price of Fiat Linnea petrol & Disel. In comparison with Ford Fiesta , which is better Car ?

By Parkash on Jun 17, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    There is tough competition between Linea and Fiesta .Fiesta has advantage of more power and mileage.but body style is not that much impressive. comparitively linea has advantage of betterstyle and interior with good performance engine.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jun 17, 2009

  • FIAT Linea is the car of choice. Contrary to what Shiva Shankar is saying, the Fiesta does not have have better mileage & power. The Fiesta Diesels has 68BHP where as the LINEA Diesel delivers 90Bhp. So the LINEA offers nearly 40% more power, the comparable figures for Petrol are 101 & 95 for Fiesta & Linea respectively. However the Linea gives 5% outsput in engine that is 14% smaller making it more efficient for a given cubic capacity. The mileage if the Petrol Linea is 20% more than the petrol fiesta. The Linea has more space, way ahead in safety, ride is superb (in a different class only), excellent suspension and looks that are killing. So the choice between the LINEA and FIESTA is a an easy one.......
    Answer by Yusuf on Jun 20, 2009

  • The Linea Costs between 6.50 to 8.00 lacs on-road for the top end petrol variant in Bombay. I dont know the exact prices for the ford, but see from the company website that ex-showrrom price in Delhi is approximately 50,000 more that the Linea on an average.
    Answer by Yusuf on Jun 20, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Though Linea wins over Fiesta. Considering overall perfformance the Fiesta has the advantage of more power. Though the power output of Fiesta for the cubic capacity of 1596/4 is less compared to that of power of Linea for 1368CC engine, the success rate of Fiesta for its mileage and proven performance can not be ignored.In overall Fiesta is good and Linea is better.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jun 20, 2009

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