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Hi I planning to buy a Maruthi Zen Lx (no p/S P/W), 2001 model, 2nd owner,51,000 Km done in Bangalore. I was told that all 4 tyres needs to be changed and wheel alignments needs to be done. Please advise me on: 1. What is the best price of this car. 2. What are the issues I have to look in this car. 3.Is this worth buying as I am planning to sell this and go for new car after two yaer. How much I will will get after 2 year for this car. Regards Ramesh.
By Ramesh 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

It will be worth buying for Around 1.4 lac and get replacement of tyres for app 10K.Please take a test drive for knowing condition of vehicle.If possible check under chassis for rusting, rubber bushing wearout, rubber boot cut etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

somewhere around 85000 to 90000 is d best price i guess.
i guess dis is an accident prone car...the allignment problem dosent get fixd up fast...! once u fix it up again after a month or two it can reoccours...Get it checked by a mech...let him decide whether it is worth buying...After two years i think ull get round abt 60000 and dat too if it is still well maintained.

Answer by Rohit 06 June 2009

Hi Ramesh.
First of all pls get the car checked by a authorised maruti service station for a accident free vehical. The normal life of the tyres is about 50 to 60 thousand kms if used cared well. Since zen is a low vehical it has a tendency to bottom out on speed breakers and rough on roads.Get the undercarriage check. In case u need any other help pls call me on 9324513591

Answer by Eric Wadia 06 June 2009

hi Ramesh!!
zen is a good choice to start over with cars.
the upper limit price is 1.2L.
check under carriage and suspensions.
check whether the steering is smooth (extremes) and check how good is the auto return(shudnt get stuck while straightening).
I have a 2005 zen and got 4 tyres and tubes changed and that made a lot of difference. but zen is too small for our
can cal me for any further details.

Answer by Sai 06 June 2009

well a new car is approx about Rs.2500
so 10000 for new tyres
check for the battery
you dnt wnt to push the car daily for starting it
any battery wnt last for more than 4 years
so ask him when was d battery installed

Answer by Gurpreet Singh 06 June 2009

I will sugesst no to go with 2001 model. go for higher model. now the vehicle will ask for major maintainance. like body gear box suspension and all. though the vehicle has covered very less kms as compaired to its age.

Answer by Debi 06 June 2009
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