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i drive a Honda eterno 4 months old its giving avg of 50 can you help me with how to get better mileage or is it good a month back it was giving 60
By Sagar Jain 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

For Eterno the mileage is quite OK.Still its quite surprising to see drastic reduce in Mileage in a month. Please check if you have increased idling or if used in traffic conditions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

Honda Eterno is a big flop of Honda.Its good in 1st 2 years after that it keeps on blowing your budget.I eats a lot of money.after 2 years no1 is happy with it.Even the coompany is planing to stop its production.

Answer by Satinder 06 June 2009

honda eterno scooter is the best two wheeler in india
actually its maximum average is 50 to 55
actually at the time of purchase a new scooter
at that time if u drive slowly
than after few kilometer the average opening good
but the maximum average of this scooter is 50
so happy with 50 average
i think acoording to me this is the best scooter in india

Answer by Sunny 06 June 2009

1). Drive only at the recommended speed in each gear, with max speed of 60 kmph. NEVER exceed it till 2nd free servicing is over.
2). Keep all tyres inflated at exact recommended pressure.
#). Do not accelerate fast unnecessarily, and then brake at red lights.
Use only good quality lube oil in the crank case, and fill SPEED petrol.
If you do all these, the mileage will go up to 55-60 km/litre.

Answer by Commander Mohan 06 June 2009

it defends on driving in long and city trafik . some time petrol fault or short in quantity. but 50/60 is good. pl dont fill shell petrol . it will repair ur vehicles. very best scooter and top in driving better than chetak. if company devlop it in self start no other scooter sales in its type

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 07 July 2009
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