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I want to buy a small car and my options are Swift, Ritz and i10 as they are around 4 Lacs. I would like good luxury and mileage. So what would you suggest in these 3 options? I must add, that i would have liked to buy Swift diesel as its engine is more powerful(i think) and also i20, as it looks good, but not sure whether i should spend 5 Lacs for them!
By Saurabh 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the options the Price of Ritz ranges from 4.6 lac onroad,Swift 4.7 and above . The optimum selection would be a i10.For which onroad price ranges from 3.9lac onwards and different varients according to budget.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

Yes, you are correct Swift is a power car than compared to other and it's body styling is also far better than other's I should say your selection is quiet good but you will have to squize your a/c a bit more to have little more release b'caz I don't think you will get Swift in 4lac as said above it may go onroad about 4.7lac or above.

Answer by SAF 06 June 2009

It depends if u want swift petrol its basic model that is LXI with power break and electronic power stearing, good powerful AC, that will be arround 4.2 lack on road, and diesel wiyh same features will be arround 4.7lack on road. But performance wise i would say it is best and the spare parts are not also very costly. Regarding Milage it is about 13km in city like Delhi and about 19km on Highway... I am owning Swift LXI that is why i am able to say that..

Answer by Tariq 06 June 2009

For any of these cars the prices would range around 5 lacs. Swift is a good option as it is tested, proved and very successful. But you could even look out for the Ritz as it has a completely new design which looks good and more importantly its more spacious than Swift while the price is less or almost the same as Swift. But the swift is more fuel efficient. i20 - no comments

Answer by San 06 June 2009

Swift Diesel would be a better option than others. Overall design, powerful, cheap spare parts and more fuel efficient.
On the basis of your usage decide on the petrol or diesel variants. Less than 1000kms/month, I feel petrol would be a better option. Petrol ZXi comes with auto climate control, bigger tyres and other goodies not present in the VDi. Anyways test drive both and decide. Good Luck

Answer by Sanish 06 June 2009

swift is the best option....its awsum

Answer by Aditya 06 June 2009
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