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I want to buy Fiat Uno car, wheather spare parts are available in the market.
By Sunil Wadkar 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Though parts can be got for UNO.The maintenance cost would be higher and takes lot time to find the spare parts dealer having required parts.Though it can be serviced at tata service center, it will take take time to get many of the parts. So it will not be worthy of going for UNO considering peacefull handling of car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

If u r going to buy for uno, please change your view for this car parts are rearly avilable, & you have to make more efferts for the spare, it is better to change the view for car. If spare is avilable we will may pay more money for spare, but if it is not avilable then we cant do anything.

Answer by PINTOO 06 June 2009

it is not worth of going for UNO considering peacefull handling of car, change your view for this car parts are rarely avialable,it is better to change the view for car.If you are craze about Uno then go for it but remember what i said before,

Answer by Srinivasan 06 June 2009

If u are keen to go for Uno , you can buy one for around 60,000-120000rs and uno being a very good car in terms of stability and handling, but be prepared for spending extra time and money in maintaining it , inspite of Tata-Fiat dealers across the country it wil be difficult for U to get the repairs done bcoz of the lack of Fiat mechanics and spare parts specially Uno. Though u can get the parts from local market but it depends on the city U r located in as u will never get any part in smaler cities. So better would be to go for palio .
At last it depends on u as every coin has two faces.

Answer by Neeraj 06 June 2009

Hi Sunil, I agree the parts are a little expensive but, they last longer. Moreover if you are in Bombay, spares is not an issue. If you are considering the diesel version, the fuel economy is incomparable. (mine gives 22kmpl on highway).As Neeraj mentioned above, its a very stable and safe car at high speeds. Extremely spacious too. I have a diesel version which I want to sell as I am moving to my home town. Please let know. Thanks!

Answer by Benhur 06 June 2009

Hi am the owner of Fiat Uno 1.7 Diesel car and my experience with this car is too good like full control on high speeds and safety while applying sudden brakes on rainy season also. No skidding while sudden brakes and more spacious too. Nice car and much stronger engine. I will need to sell as am shifting to my hometown, is any one interested to go for a exchange

Answer by Raja 09 September 2013

Use full

Answer by Mani 05 May 2017

Dear sir
join the Toyota.
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Answer by Manjeet Kumar Sharma 05 May 2017

Dear Sunil,

If you want to buy Fiat Uno 1.2 EL petrol in immaculate condition then please contact as I am ready to dispose my car with a heavy heart. My car is the best maintained Fiat Uno 1242 cc petrol engine at Delhi. I am now a senior citizen that is why I have decided to sell it. It is a priced possession. I have several original /essential spares as well. Contact at 8800907755 Mobile

Answer by M Kapoor 10 October 2017
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