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Hi I am planning to buy a used TATA Indigo which is a 2005 model. The car is priced at 3lac (negotiable). What according to you should be the value? It is a top version. I am confused please help!!!!
By Omnkar 06 June 2009

prices may vary a little according to the city u live in.
i sold my tata indigo marina of 2006 LS model for 2.15 lac, u should not pay more than 2.3 at any rate.

Answer by Dr Partho Mukherjee 06 June 2009

Pl. dont buy used Indigo. If you want to buy you may use it as private Taxi. do'nt be owner of the vehicle. It is pain to continue with Tata Motors.
God help ypu

Answer by Dhananjay Panchal 06 June 2009

see if the car is tdi engine then it should be between 225 to 240 depending on the condition

Answer by Satinder Pal 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

The quoted price seems to be good as the deal is still open for negotiations, you can quote price of 2.8Lac.Even if its 3.0 lac, worth buying.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

For Indigo you should not exceed more than 2.25 lakhs it is adviceble not to sprnd more than that amount

Answer by Satyaprasad 06 June 2009

Spend another 1.25 lac....u wud get a new one!! it is worth considering depreciation value of the one u plan to buy!!

Answer by Rajat 06 June 2009
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