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I Viewed And testdrived Honda Jazz And Finalised Ford Fiesta Zxi due to excessive Price quote by Honda Jazz Is It the right decision ?
By Sanjay Bedre 06 June 2009

Good decision based on price attached.
Ford Fiesta ZXI is worth the price;
due to low maintenance, economy and resale value.

Answer by VINOD 06 June 2009

indeed good decision though jazz is good it is not value for money car. you can get best diesel car of fiesta of that price

Answer by Chandrashekar 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Its a wise decision considering the fact that you can enjoy more of space and comfort in Fiesta than Jazz.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

I own a fiesta and its a fantastic car with low maintainence, just go for the ford as JAZZ is uslessly expensive. save up on diesel and also on the price when u go for fiesta.

Answer by Abhijeet 06 June 2009

Choosing the ford fiesta is a very good decision as it is a good drivers car.I own the 1.6s ford fiesta and enjoy every bit driving it.

Answer by Cedin 06 June 2009

what about Verna? did that not even strike u?
the best diesel is surely verna.... :)

Answer by Jaisal 06 June 2009

Go for Fiesta either Petrol 1.6 or Diesel both are good.
I own a Diesel Fiesta and I am happy with it. I have done around 30000 Km in one year.

Answer by IYPE KOSHY 06 June 2009

my advise will go in favour of fiat linea 1.3 miltijet diesel. it generates 90bhp and gives u a good reasonable will also give u excellent mileage

Answer by Anand 06 June 2009

Excellent decision.
Honda Jazz: Overpriced, Underpowered, Boring Hatchback, VERY POOR value for money, poor utilitarian interiors.
Ford Fiesta(Petrol/Diesel): Great Value for money, Brilliant Driving Pleasure, Powerful Petrol, Excellent Interiors, Smart looking Sedan.

The Honda Jazz doesnt even come close to it. Seems like Honda is keen on looting the Indian Public...!

Answer by Nikhil Sinha 06 June 2009
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