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I was told that i can have auto trnsmission fitted in my scorpio Mhawk @ 50 thousand can you people guide me to a dealor who will do this for me i would be grateful thanks
By Ashish 06 June 2009

If its the end of road for your scorpio; only then think about it!!!
AT is a 'proved' failure in scorpio .....

Stay well

Answer by 1on1 06 June 2009

If you want,take a new scorpio with AT thats it,which is around 70,000 more compare to normal one,but you cant get AT fit in your manual scorpio there mechanisms are different...if you do also you would face many problems...

Answer by Expert 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can contact the Mahindra dealer for that. Regarding the cost, the total cost of fitting the AT will exceed 50K, We will provide the exact details soon.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

1on1, Please help me to understand your statement. I was under the impression that AT in Scorpio is neither a success nor a failure. In fact I am waiting to get a test drive with my local dealer. Is that, that bad as you say?

Answer by Benny 07 July 2009
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