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One of my friends has a (Hyundai Verna) car accident. The front portion was damaged. The insurance reimbursed only 50% saying its plastic and so only 50%. I checked my car insurance also and it says only 50% of cost to rubber, nylon, plastic, tyres, tubes, batteries, airbags' and 30% of fibre glass.. So the questions is what material is the car body made of? is the insurance company right ? What else can get damaged in a car accident if not the body? is this an international clause or for Indian consumers only? Thanks, Srini

By Srinivas on May 11, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    While claiming for insurance in accident repair .First the executive at service center will prepare estimation of parts to be replaced and submit to insurance and repair will be carried out .After completion of repair reinspection will be done by insurance surveour for approval of settlement . 10% depriciaion will be charged for metal parts and 50% for plastic items .Body parts like bonnet , fenders are made of metal and bumper ,headlights of plastic.
    In case of frontal collision there are chances for damage of Radiator condenser assy , frame in front of that . etc. Underbody damages will also to be considered . You can always expect correct explanation for parts replaced and bill from the executive at workshop .
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

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