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Is it possible to get a second hand Maruti model just for 50,000.00. Cause I am new driver and I donot want go for costly or new car.
By Manju 06 June 2009

go for a MATIZ as I just did the same - more power compared to maruti 800 - also has a power steering - If you need one - contact me on 9870506031 - am now buying a new car


Answer by Kazim 06 June 2009

Dear Manju. Yes it is possible to get a good second hand Maruti 800 in the above mentioned budget. I suggest you check times of India on Fridays as it has a big list of used cars. A 1997 -98 model will be available. Pls get it evaluated by a good mechanic or a authorized maruti dealer to avoid any accident cars. As u are a new driver i strongly recommend the 800 as it is low on maintainance and fuel costs . In case u need futher help pls call me on 9324513591

Answer by Eric Wadia 06 June 2009

yes you will get a car in that budget, contact errol for a maruti zen, mobile no. 9833542930

Answer by Errol 06 June 2009

As, you are new for driving, you are looking for old car, is it ? Have cofident in your skill first. Accident may done at so many reasons. Old car`s so many parts may always should not be good. For that reason also you may suffer.

Answer by Ramakrishnan 06 June 2009

Yes,Its very much possible to buy used Maruti 800 in a budget of 50,000 bucks. Well, just to learn driving skills you should not buy an used car, instead join any driving institute and excel in driving. Then u can buy a new car of ur choice.

Answer by Ikram 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

yes, it is possible. Go to maruti dealer who sells True Value products of maruti and tell your budget,and they will inform you.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 06 June 2009

Your idea of going for a second hand Maruti for upto 50K is probably a good bet for the initial one year or so. But , please be in no illusion, you will get Maruti which is as old 2000 or before model and, maybe, a non airconditioned/non power steering elementary car.
Would suggest go thru TOI on Friday which gives list of offers of old cars. Also , register at" "(b) "" and (c) "". These are internet sites and may be you may get a good car to your satisfaction.

Answer by Pradeep Jauhar 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can get Maruti 800 for 50k.Please check it thoroughly before finalysing the deal.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009
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