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hello, I have a Maruthi 800 which is 1987 model.i would like to know whether it can convert into automatic transmission.if so what will be it cost and where can it be done..Also will it affect adversely..please advice me...
By Saju 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Converting of Maruti 800 of 1987 to AT version is possible. Considering life of car and maintenance frequency and costs, it will not be worth investing anything for modification of the car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

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Answer by Vishal 06 June 2009

U can look for a 2nd had gear box or from the grey market and fit it to ur car....else its not worth spending.

Answer by Chandy 06 June 2009

Silly idea.Too expensive to be really worh it.And getting the required MGP will be very difficult.Long ago Maruti used to produce cars with auto-transmission for physically challenged drivers.Can check if some kit is lying in some corner if you are really serious.

Answer by Devashis Panda 06 June 2009

Yes this can be done.But i also agree with all the above posts.You can try Automate.
Go through this link ""

Answer by Jiju A Nair 06 June 2009

Your vehicle is old due fitness certificate .Please dont attempt modifying transmission.

Answer by Solomon Jaichander 06 June 2009

Pls dont waste ur money on such modifications.

Answer by Eric Wadia 06 June 2009

Not advicable. This is foolish extravaganza

Answer by Ramanath 06 June 2009

every thing is possible as the impossible word is found in the dictionary of fools, but converting maruti 800 into automatic transmission is a foolish idea

Answer by S M Mittal 06 June 2009

Possible but not advisable, better buy a old AT car

Answer by Sunil 06 June 2009

Its not worth to modify your old car. It will be share wastage of money.

Answer by Vikas Saxena 06 June 2009
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