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I have a maruti Zex 99 model. It give me an average of 10 to 12 kpl. I checked with my frieds and they get 16 to 18 kpl. What should I do to get a good average.
By Rajiv 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

For increasing mileage get the carburator overhauled, fuel pump checked and engine tuning done.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

They are fooling, I had same year Zen and was giving me avg. of 8-10 kpl, i did servicing at Maruti Authorised showroom, then i showed my car to another mechanic and he said servicing is done perfect, cant increase mileage over this. So if your car is so old and giving 10-12kpl, its best and good. your friends are fooling you. One of my friend was telling that he had 1995 zen and giving 18kpl, and after one year he sold it for 50k telling that there were many problems, so he was lieing. So be assured that your mileage is best.

Answer by Unknown 06 June 2009

1 - As the car get older performance of a car will certainly come down.
2 - The average of the car mentioned 10 - 12 is in the city or highways. If it is in the city, you can say it gives fairly good average.
3 - To keep you car well maintain you should change your engine oil after every 4000 Kms. This also will help you to give a better average.

Answer by Husain Nalwala 06 June 2009

Dear Rajiv. Tere are a lot of factors which contributes to the average of the car. First i would like to know how do u calculate average. I used to have a zen 2000 model which gave an average of about 10 to 11 Kmpl in the city and close to 15.5 to 16 on the highway with the AC. What i suggest is get your car checked by Maruti authorised service station. If all is ok then u need to check the tyre pressure and the wheel bearings. The tyres will also have a major role. Pls get in touch with me on 9324513591 and i will explain u in deails

Answer by Eric Wadia 06 June 2009

According to my experience, I would like to cofirm you that your car model is about 99. which would't be Mpfi Engine.
I have the maruti zen which is 2005 model its giving 14-15 kml in city & 17-18 on high way. so the main difference of model of mpfi engine. old model won't give you more than 12kml. if you would like to know more. can call me--- 09868584142

Answer by Dinesh Sharma 06 June 2009

Before jumping to conclusions please check the authenticity of such claims by your friends n then check your own driving style -
1) Do you ride the clutch?
2) Accelerate hard n then brake often?
3) Have to wade through rush hour snail-pace traffic with jams?
4) Do you check on tyre pressure atleast once a fortnight?
5) Maintain & service your car properly as per Co guidelines (that includes oil/filters/tuneups/alignment/clutch/brake etc)?

The mileage quoted is slightly on the lower side, but 16-18kpl in city traffic in a Zen is wishful thinking.

I can probably boast of 24kpl n drive you through nightmares.

Responsible driving more often than not, takes care of fuel-efficiency issues.

Answer by Sushim 06 June 2009

Mileage of any vehicle depends upon the condition of engine as well as driving style and area where u commonly drive. if ur vehicle is properly tuned and overhauled, and u drive ur car in a congested area where u have to apply brakes repeatedly, as well gear change is rigorous, ur car would guzzle more petrol as compared to others who has a quiter drive area. So analyse these points and you would get ur answer. A levelled speed drive also increases mileage for example you drive on an average speed of 50 km/hr and dont accelerate instantly or brake instantly without any reason.
Hope this will answer ur query.


Answer by Ikram 06 June 2009

16 & 18 is standard driving conditions, average of 12-14 is pretty decent & i dont think ur car needs any maintenance

Answer by Rajkumar 06 June 2009

check the engine of your car and ask the mechanic to set the rpm and tap. ensure that your engine is not over heated.
cluth and pressure plates must be in good condition

Answer by NARSIMHA REDDY 06 June 2009

In 2003 model I get 15-16kmpl without AC with 70% highway drive. Don't think u get lesser mileage. but u don't say who drive the car in most cases. If local drivers are driving, then mileage is always 2-3kmpl less than own secure tuned driving, which means proper gear change with less clutch press (0-10-1stgear, 10-20-2nd, 20-40-3rd gear, 40-60-4th gear, >60-5th gear). If the km reading is more than 65k, then engine causes higher fuel consumption.

Answer by Sandipan Pal Chakravarty 06 June 2009

Thank you all for replying back to my question about milage for Maruti Zen. Its a 2nd hand and I dont know what the 1st owner had done on this car. But I had overhauled the carburator and I had a feeling that there will be problem in the clutch. So I will be working on this Now. Thank you all once again

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2009

hi i have 1998 model zen and i was getting 10-12kmpl,but as i change the oil ,sparkplug's ,airfilter ,fuelfilter i am getting 16-18kmpl(without A.C), so guys if ur getting low average pleee take advise of ur mechanical

Answer by NIMESH 10 October 2013

Hi even I have 1995 model zen im getting 12 in city without ac and 17 in highway bt if I use ac it comes very low milage about 8 in city and 13 in high way why is that so plz sumbody help even I have checked with many mechanics

Answer by Kiran 10 October 2013


Answer by RANJAN 10 October 2013

i hve a 1999 model zen but em getting oly 10km/ltr so do u ppl thnk its a gud mileage or else i need to get it tuned ahhh.... plz ans me

Answer by Chandrachooda 09 September 2013

Hi, I have Zen 2003. How many bearings are replaced in the front side and what is the use of wheel bearing..Kindly explain ??

Answer by Neeraj 01 January 2012

my car average in 8kml zen 99 model

Answer by Raja Saab 04 April 2012

Hi, All I bought 1st Oct. 2012 (2000 Model Zen VX Carb. Model) This is giving me 7-8 mileage this mileage is very poor car is regularly serviced but dont know what is problem

Answer by Srinivas 11 November 2012

I own a 2001 mpfi zen and it gives 10-12 kpl in city and 15-17 on highway with AC on.

Answer by AKT 11 November 2012

Mileage depends upon the condition of the vehicle as well as the driving style. So get your vehicle tuned constantly, lesser use of brake and clutch will definitely help in increasing mileage. Mileage of 10 km and above for Zen 1999 is satisfactory.

Answer by Shobhan 12 December 2014

Maruti Zen 1998 is 1000 cc and has more power than zen 2005 which is 800 cc and difference lies there. In fact, controlling the fuel through a switch may enhance the mileage.

Answer by Zen 12 December 2012

Hi,my car average is 16kmpl its a carburator model of 1998 [1000cc] ZEN

Answer by Nimesh J Dhuru 06 June 2013

i have a 93 zen giving an average of
14 in city with lots of stop and go (without A/c)
15 in rural areas with less traffic (without A/c)
18 on highways (with A/c) and 18.5 on highways (without A/c)

i feel if you car is in average or good condition then the only factor is the person driving it.
a bad driver will all-ways get bad mileage on any vehicle new or old than a good driver.

get to the top most gear of your vehicle as early as possible and drive in average speed of 40 km/ph, Reduce too much gear changes, unnecessary use of clutch and brakes.
sudden breaks, sudden acceleration, overtaking and rash driving.

you will get an average of 16 km per litre on any zen.
if you drive properly and still get below that then checkup and tune your vehicle

Answer by Rajesh.personal 07 July 2013

my zen vxi 2000model is giving 11 kmpl...even after full service and carb the compression test done its close to 150 in all 4 cylinders...the only issue its making sound from the tappet ...i guess its of the third valve....does unaccurate tappet adjustment gives less millage???

Answer by AD 09 September 2016

7 km per ltr how could i improve its average

Answer by Kaluuu 01 January 2014

Quality of tires also play a major role in determining the mileage.

Answer by Zen 01 January 2014

i have zen vx 2001 model & i never got more than 8 km/l in city.mechanic says. its good mileage nothing to do.
i want to know the actual mileage of zen vx carborator engine
pls anyone who know about this help me

Answer by Ambuj Kumar Patna Bihar 09 September 2014

Take any carburettor ZEN average is not more than 16kmp. kitna bbhi maintain karo.
but Car is so beautiful.

Answer by Sandeep Deokar 01 January 2015


Answer by SAMEER 01 January 2015

hi im using 1995 model zen lpg and petrol but its acceleration is not stable while in petrol and there is no problem in gas how can i fix it pls help me and i like to change it to petrol only give me valuable guide plsssss

Answer by Binu 06 June 2015

Petrol is in a form of liquid and LPG is in form of gasous as well as it also has carbon so LPG doesn't give good millege , pick up

Answer by Shivam Rai 11 November 2015

I have swift dezire zxi 2009 model and am getting a milage of 8Kmpl in city. Please help me out what to do, it will a great help.

Answer by Abhishek 12 December 2015

I brought zen of 1998 carbettor vx 3yrs back fitted power Sterring & AC also nw pick is not much what's the reason behind it pls give the suggestions

Answer by Harish Bondade 02 February 2016

I brought zen of 1998 carbettor vx 3yrs back fitted power Sterring & AC also nw pick is not much what's the reason behind it pls give the suggestions

Answer by Harish Bondade 02 February 2016

I have Zen vxi 2003 model and getting milage of 20-22 kmpl.

Answer by Shailesh 05 May 2016

Hi, All I bought (1997 Model Zen LX Carb. Model) This is giving me 6-7 km/l mileage this mileage is very poor car is regularly serviced but dont know what is problem

Answer by Shailender Swami 07 July 2016

hi swami...its too bad..i also have a zen 2003 model,it gives around 12-13kmpl...most probabaly your engine is damaged or highly untuned...since your car is nearly 20yrs old,it shd give around 10kmpl...check your driving style also...

Answer by Arnab Dutta 08 August 2016

I have zen vxi 2oo3 model..tottaly satisfied with the avg. Its arround 17 to 18 w/o ac.. And my place is a hilly area near kangra Himachal Pradesh..

Answer by Eshant 08 August 2016

My zen model 2002.mileag 8

Answer by Ranju 09 September 2016

Hi I have 1999 Vx it's gives me in city 11-13 with AC and 15-17 with AC on high way.

Answer by Raghu 12 December 2016

I have 1998 model zen vx its give me 20 mileage per liter without ac.. with ac 16 per liter.. bt in city it gives me 11 - 12 per litre.. you can get it your own zen.. just treat like your baby.. :-)

Answer by Eldho 12 December 2016

Its a super car my car also 1999 model it gives me 17 average millage

Answer by Admin 01 January 2017

I care my car like my was a superb car for usinga long root

Answer by Maruti Suzuki 01 January 2017

i have a zen 1999 and giving me 18-19 and i thik its the best avg of zen car

Answer by VIJAY SUTHAR 02 February 2017

the same problem coming me 1997 model what i do frds

Answer by Rashid 06 June 2017


Answer by Test 06 June 2017

i have zen lx 1997 model, it gives me avg of 16 to 18 in city and on highway. the mileage was really bad around 12kms before until i did some changes

Answer by Rey De 09 September 2017

10 km milege

Answer by Sunil 09 September 2017

I have Zen 1998 16 -17 mileage on highways in city no idea, this performance was without alignment, uncleared carburetor plugs
Anybody can check.

Answer by Vikas 10 October 2017

how much you getting in lpg in 1997 model zen

Answer by Giree 11 November 2017

Hi my zen 1995 model giving mileage of 14 in city 16 at highway .... I purchased it as second owner, I would like to know life span of my car right now it was in crossed 58000 km .

Answer by P Hema Sunder 10 October 2018

Is anybody will guide me as I have purchased 2000 model zen lx, run km that time 99600 and now I have run only in 67 km but fuel consumed rs 800,also showing white smoke, service

Answer by Vinod 02 February 2020

I have zen lx 2002 model its give only 6 km what will do

Answer by Chandukumar 12 December 2020

I have purchased a zen car 99 model now and I am not getting the it is fitted with lpg kit ..than how much average will I get..I think the petrol is not giving avrge

Answer by Suryaprakash 12 December 2020

I have a Maruti Zen vx 2003 model.its average is very low.the average is 10 to 12 km/l. So please suggest me how to increase my average.

Answer by Bipini Bihari Bikram Singh 07 July 2022

Dear friend, I drive maruti wagon r of 2003 model. It gives 18 to 19 kmpl in city of mysore. Only plan for best mileage is to drive cool without tension. No unwanted gear change,

Answer by Shourya Pradeep 09 September 2022
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