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HI I have an option to buy fiat palio 1.2 (top version) 2002 ,milage 70,000 km for 1.25 lac,pick up is good,no noise in engine,chilling AC,Please advise should I purchase this
By Rohit 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

The offer seems to be good.Recommended to have a general ceck done once.To know actual condition of car and also possible rust formations if used in costal regions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

Palio is an awesome car.I was planning to purchase one for 1.30 all the specs are same as yours or almost.Check with service centre also because i dont think Tata is doing a good job with the servicing.I dropped my idea after going to their service centre(Tata's).Regarding the car its a great car.

Answer by Jiju A Nair 06 June 2009

it is a good idea to buy fiat palio as it is a superb car, however i think the price quoted is high. 2002 model should come between 90000-1lakh depending upo the condition...

Answer by Arvind 06 June 2009

The Palio is a sturdy, safe and confidence inspiring car. I am not sure about prices, but I think Arvind is right in saying that it should come in about 1L or 1.1L max. Please check for any electrical glitches, as the main problem will be there. I am presently driving around a 2003 Palio 1.9D (belonging to a friend) and strange things keep happening with the warning lights. For example, the hand-brake light keeps coming on every now and then and so does the heater plug light. Car is running quite fine, though. After the routine checks, please get the wiring checked as well, from a good electrician.

Answer by Sasi Menon 06 June 2009

above all guy are right. in regards to first question in our friend circle two model one 1.9d 2003(95000kms) and other 1.2 elx 2002(62000kms) fully loaded is going for 1.4lacs and 95000 rs respectively selling so in short as market value is slight lower than book value

Answer by Patel Navin 06 June 2009

Palio is a good vehicle to own. The price you mentioned is a little too high for a 7 year old car. Negotiate. But service is equally poor at the Tata dealerships

Answer by Srinivas 06 June 2009

Saty away frma palio as cost of spares and fuel is too high. I have used it and i dont recommend it . In this budget u will get a good INDIGO 2004-05 ( Petrol model GLX ). Better choice than the fading away palio

Answer by Eric Wadia 06 June 2009

Hi Rohit,

If you compare with indian vehicles in this class, palio is way ahead. def, spares are expensive and mileage is lower, but its a sturdy, comfortable and very dependable vehicle.

I myself am selling my palio as i have to move back to mumbai from delhi but tht is something im doing reluctantly.

Jus be sure you are buying a good vehicle since its a second hand buy. dont blame the model or company if you end up buying a badly maintained vehicle.

Newez happy riding.


Answer by Roshan Jain 06 June 2009


Please dont buy a car if it is offered to you by dealer and the actual price is around Rs75ooo/- I sold my Sep,2002 with CNG palio in dec 2008 for Rs 1 lac and some dealres even valued car for Rs 35-40000/-

Answer by Shagul Gupta 06 June 2009

I have fiat palio its 2002 1.2 elx top model , i am selling it, if you wish to purchase ,its a good deal , my no is 9873911718

Answer by Gurpreet 06 June 2009

i hav also purchased palio 1.2,2002 top model at the same price 1.25lac,,,but after purchasin it i got know that its clutch is almost gone,,, i have spen 12 thousand in its clutct reapairing,,car is too good,,,but need too much maintenence ,,,know iam happy with my palio,,,i hav installed cng kit in it know its average on cng is 16km/kg of cng,,,iam also planing to buy disel version of the same car,,,

Answer by Gajendra 06 June 2009
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