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I bought a Honda Unicorn 2007 model. Is it possible to fit the new model wind shield, Side pannels and plated emblem. if possible how much is the cost for these spares. kindly give reply
By Anu Jose 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Its possible to fit the New wind shield for Unicorn .Fitting of Side panels needs minor modifications but possible.Plated emblem can be put.Please contact authorised dealer for price.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

It is possible to put wind shield, Side pannels and plated emblem.i am not aware of the price how much it cost.

Answer by Rammohan 06 June 2009

Yes its possible. It will cost you approximately 1000 rupees to get the headlight cluster and the Honda winged emblem on the fuel tank. You can also get the new handle bar with balance weights, but that will cost an additional 500 bucks.

Answer by Shashank 06 June 2009

It is possible, however i would prefer not to change the front shield or use new handle bars. Any addition can cause an upset with the ride balance and handling of the bike.

However Cosmetic Changes like the name emblem replacement should not be an issue. But be careful with the chemical adhesives which is found commonly. It seems to make the color pale. Contact local genuine Honda spares distributor. I know the one here in Bangalore.. you can bargain for descent price.

Answer by Avi 06 June 2009

yes . apsulately why not . it can be changed . about price . if you will go to honda showroom you will get orgenal parts but little costely . if you will go to local shop than it will be little cheep but you cannot compare that parts with this by

Answer by Syedsalman 06 June 2009

yes u have all ready bought a bike there is no mentenences all over good milege good performence thank u

Answer by Surender Singh 06 June 2009
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