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Hello all, i am thinking to buy an baleno 2006 modal and than plan converting it on lpg. can anyone help me know how is the performance of baleno with lpg????? and how much i should pay for 2006 modal...plz help.

By Parambal on Jun 6, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    Baleno gives good responce to LPG kit.However the maintenance cost bound to increase after long term usage, for a year or so. For 2006 Baleno the quoting price could be around 3.5 lac.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jun 7, 2009

  • Hi, My car is petrol hence i have no idea about the LPG part of the question,you must get a 2006 car, run about 50,000 kms and in good condition for 3 lacs. its not wise to spend more than that.
    Answer by Unnikrishnan on Jun 7, 2009

  • Hi,

    The car is good for both Petrol and LPG, but with LPG there would be loss of power as well as mileage. I have a 2006 Baleno VXi model but it runs only on petrol. As rightly said by Unnikrishnan, 2006 Baleno can be easily found for Rs 3 lacs, in fact I am selling mine for the same price, if interested.
    Answer by Kailash on Jun 7, 2009

  • the baleno does not support the lpg well an esteem would support it better. moreover if u convert a baleno to lpg you loose the fun of it at any extreme condition baeno will give u an average of 12kmpl so dont worry just go ahead and buy one i drive an accord 3.0 automatic now still would say a baleno is a baleno .the only peppy car that maruti has. if u r planning to buy a 2006 lxi it should be around 2.3lakh and if a vxi then 2.5lakh. so plz do not convert it to a lpg u will kill the fun.
    thnk you regards
    samit wadhawan
    thats my baleno.
    Answer by Samit on Jun 8, 2009

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