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Is it worth buying a Maruti Wagon R? How is its performance? Is it good for long trips? Is it customer satisfied vehicle?
By Sunny 06 June 2009

Wagon R is a wonderful car to drive. Drove the machine for moe than 5 years before graduating to SX4 and am completely satisfied with the performance..
Owned a santro and wagon R for 5 years, find the wagon R better than Santro primarily in terms of comfort and maintainence. Drove the Wagon R across north India, took her to all the hill stations in the vicinity of Delhi as well as other trouist places in north India, very spacious to carry your luggage great comfort in city's bumper to bumper traffic as well as smooth highway drve. Full points to the great wagon, go for it... I think it now comes with great discounts as well so even more lucrative to buy one now..


Answer by Sumit 06 June 2009

Wagon R is a very good car. I bought one in 2002 and replaced with a new Wagon R last year. Drive is smooth, there were no problems as long as it was with me. you will be surprised when u load baggage. It can carry a lot of baggage. I have travelled with it in north India's most difficult mountain tracks without any problems. I think it is the best car in its catagory.


Answer by Sanjiv 06 June 2009

Wagon R is a good car to drive. Drove the machine for moe than 3 years before graduating to Honda City. The only problem it had w.r.t milage. I never got more than 13 KM/L

Answer by Sunil Kathuria 06 June 2009

I've have used a Wagon R for more than four years through the hilly terrain of N.E.India for several long trips.It's a very comfortable and reliable car with negligible maintenance costs.However, with several new small car launches expected in the near future you might as well wait and watch. Afterall, the technology is by now dated.

Answer by Robin 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

Most of the customers are happy with performance of Wagon R.Its good for Long trips. The drawback is that the rear seat is carmped and no proper leg space.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009
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