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Hi, I bought a palio multijet SDE, brand new vehicle, 3 weeks back. I think my engine is overheating already. When i drive,without switching on the AC, the engine temperature crosses the half way mark and hovers around there. It comes down only if i switch on the AC. This is all in city driving. I raised this during the first service last week. First the service advisor said it is not normal, for the engine temp to cross the half way mark. in a new vehicle and said he would investigate. But, when i went to take the delivery, he said they have checked in other palios and it is normal. This is a bit strange. I would like to know from other palio owners/experts on this forum if this is something normal in palio multijets or there could be an issue here?
By Prashant 06 June 2009

Dear it is quit normal
V G Selvan

Answer by V G Selvan 06 June 2009

Dont Worry so much the temperature guage always shows higher temp in Palio Diesel. Same with my car Palio Diesel. As long as it is around half way mark or little more.......but not fully towards high temperature need not worry. Switch on the AC and it will quickly settle down it the half way mark is a bother to you

Answer by Kshitish 06 June 2009

yes its normal nothing seroius, on your ac as much as possible in summer.

Answer by S K Maini 06 June 2009

prashant this normal in multijet engine as i m having linea in which temperature guage is alwaya at half mark.please check that the fan is working priperly or not.

Answer by Gurpreet Singh 06 June 2009

Dear Prashanth

You need to check at what temperature your thermostat is turning on for this soon after you start your car in the morning let it idle and keep track of the temperature needle as soon as it touches the half mark the automatic fan needs to turn on if not the switch from the thermostat is giving trouble. Do not rely on the ac to keep the temperature down as when your stuck in a traffic jam on a hot day your car will overheat and it will cost you a lot to do up an engine. It better to check all relays especially if your been in any rains lately as there may be just a loose contact with the fan relay or thermostat wiring

Answer by Abhijay 06 June 2009

Diesel engines do heat up more than petrol engines of equivalent size. But like all our friends have written in, as long as the temperature of the engine does not reach the danger level, there is no problem

Answer by Satish 06 June 2009

It is a known issue in Palio which can be rectified easily by someone experienced in taking care of this. You can get some good tips from where & how in Palio forum on yahoo, join the group of Palio enthusiasts ...the group is called "palio users group" or PUG.

Answer by Vaibhav 06 June 2009

u have to see coolent level after machine off and engine itself cooled otherwise openig of raditor vapor comes out.
add coolent accordingly and see-observe fan status

Answer by Patel Navin 06 June 2009

Normally, the needle should be at one third mark. Perhaps,the cooling fan is not functioning properly. I had the same problems with my vehicle, and they made me pay through my nose for the replacement twice. Anyway, Fiat engine is not an efficient one. You must have noticed high fuel consumption as compared to other comparable vehicles.

Answer by Sastry Tejo 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

You need not worry if temperature gauge shows below red markings.If it does so then have the temperature get checked.Many times there can be wrong readings in temperature gauge due to malfunctioning of temperature switch.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

I have a Plaio 1.9 D and very recently had this problem.. generally the temp gauge is below half.. but if you visit the service centre ask the guys to check the relays .. there should be three relays.. at times due to dust or water it may not work.. if you insist them to open it and clean it your problem will be solved.. The relays control the fans and maybe its not running in time.. since you said that when you run the A.C the engine cools.. then i am pretty sure its the Relays.. and not the thermostat. The relays are just like plug point sockets..

Answer by Ashfaque 06 June 2009

PLZ CHECK THAT BOTH THE FANS ARE WORKING ON THE TOP SPEED.secondly check if your coolant level is proper when car is heating. if a head gasket failure the coolent would be thrown back from radiator to coolant box so plz check the level when heated. moreover check the thermostat valve in palio it has to open up at 78degree and then roatae the cold water.i think if all these are fine then u dont need to worry.

Answer by Samit Wadhwan 06 June 2009

The temperature gauge is set to indicate the normal operating temperature of the engine. When the AC is switched on, the increase in operating temperature is about 10%, as the additional speed of the radiator fan helps in dissipating the extra heat. The calibration of the temperature gauge varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, where the Swift DDiS with the same Fiat engine shows the operating temperature at half-way mark on the meter, the Palio Multijet shows the operating temperature at about 1/3rd mark. Even in the Palio petrol 1.2, the operating temperature is shown as 1/3rd.
Roughly, the operating temperature corresponds to 90 degrees in most cars and the critical thing is to ensure that it doesn't go above that. So, if in the Palio, the needle is hovering above the half-way mark, there must be a problem, since it possibly means that the engine is working above 90 degrees.
The reason that the temperature stabilizes after putting the ac on is simply because the radiator fan is working at a higher speed. This is not a solution to an overheating engine.
Please get the relays checked and make sure that the fan kicks in at the 1/3rd mark. Another thing to check will be a faulty thermostat. I think getting these two things checked will definitely nail the problem.
I have driven a Palio SDX Multijet, Palio 1.9D and Palio 1.2 Petrol and in all of them, the temperature gauge settles just above the 1/3rd mark in normal operation.

Answer by Sasi Menon 06 June 2009

dont worry dude same problem i was facing but now me and my car both r use to it coz it is geniune problem but service people denie

Answer by Sanjay Jain 12 December 2010


I bought a palio multijet SDE, brand new vehicle,I think my engine is overheating already. When i drive,without switching on the AC, the engine temperature crosses the half way mark and hovers around there. It comes down only if i switch on the AC. This is all in city driving.

Answer by Vinod Swami 10 October 2011

I have a Palio SDX and the needle is always at 1/3 mark. Please ask your service person to check if the first speed fan functions properly. Once you switch on A/C the second speed kicks in and the temperature reduces. I feel it is the case of Speed 1 of the fan not functioning.

Answer by Krishnamoorthy Thyagarajan 10 October 2011

Sir my palio stile 1.3 diesel I start my car then high speed fan running in normal temperature and not stop automatic .

Answer by Arvind 06 June 2017
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