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Dear Sir, I want to purchase a new Maruti Esteem and Ian seeking your valuable advice for it. How is the car including engine, gear box, body and maintenance. Is it suitable for private use . Thanking you, George

By George on Jun 3, 2009


  • Not sure whether maruti is still selling new esteem.. but there are far better options available in the market these days .. go n check for different models available and ur budget ..
    Answer by Mangesh on Jun 3, 2009

  • Hey George,

    If you are asking about Esteem, I can tell you its a no maintenance car with nice ride. I have one since last 3 years and haven't had any bad experience till now.

    Though I believe Maruti has stopped selling Esteem, still I'm not sure about it.

    Answer by Pratik on Jun 3, 2009

  • i have Maruti Esteem of 1996. Its a nice care but if you want to buy a Brand New Maruti Esteem then i will prefer that you look for other option as per your budget. What is your budget ??
    Answer by Kalpesh Patel on Jun 3, 2009

  • HI,
    Maruti has stopped selling esteem but u will get used vehicle. If ur purchasing for a used then check vehicle throughly like Body, charsi, Engine and AC. If it is good u can take. An average of 18km/Litre will give in esteem. Maintainence is low compared to Other Make.
    Answer by Harish on Jun 3, 2009

  • Hi,

    as per my experiance esteem is good option to buy. but maruti has stoped manufacturing Esteem since last year, so you won't get a brand new esteem. if you love sports car then esteem is the best choice. i was having a esteem of year 2001 i sold it last year, but i loved the car very much. other factor like maintainance wise it is not costely if you maintain it regularly it will cost you around 5k in six months or 8 months. now u'll have to purchase it in secondhand car dealer's showroom.

    Answer by Sumukh on Jun 3, 2009

  • Hi George,

    I plan to sell my Maruti Esteem which is a 2007 model. Let me know if you are interested. My number is 9900264484.
    Answer by Malcolm Samuel on Jun 3, 2009

  • Its a good car to own and drive.
    Since Maruti has stopped production you can even look at getting a second hand car for a steal.
    Answer by Prateek on Jun 3, 2009

  • Esteem is an awesome car but the production is discontinued.Car5s engine is awesome, Gear ratio is alos great with no maintanance cost to it. You can buy a used Esteem from market or can contact me on 9923736663 as I have one execllent Esteem to be sold.
    Answer by Nitin on Jun 4, 2009

    Answer by Sagar Setia on Jun 4, 2009

  • its a good car, though maruti had stopped production. its low on maintainance, good mileage -abt 13km/lit with ac, nice handling- mechanicals though not tough but good- u should look for body if u r going for an AC version, handling is even good...u can go for it if u want value for money..
    Answer by Sourav on Jun 4, 2009

  • Esteem models are really reliable and good for city use and long distance. The only minor issue it had is that the pickup goes down when the AC is on. However, this car is totally phased out of the market and i do not think you should buy Esteem if you are looking for a new car.
    Answer by Jacob on Jun 4, 2009

  • Maruti has stopped selling Esteem,
    Answer by Zzzzzzzzzzzz on Jun 4, 2009

  • Hi, Maruti Esteem is a good option to think of, but unfortunately Maruti has stopped selling new Esteems some 6-8 months back. If you are thinking of Old model or 2nd purchase them are various options available in Market, also it is easy and low cost to maintain all spares are available in the market. I am selling my Maruti Esteem (Fully Loaded VX Model), if interested u can get in touch with me on 9823321170.
    Answer by Ajay Kulkarni on Jun 4, 2009

  • the maruti esteem is virtually a no mantainance car but maruti has stopped selling it Perhaps its replacement is the swift desire . its likely will get only second hand esteems unless maruti has one of those unused factory vehicles .. I am selling my Maruti Esteem (VX Model), if interested u can call me @ 9940295460
    Answer by Anirudh on Jun 4, 2009

  • Dear Freind,
    It is indeed good to know that youare keen to be a proud owner of an ESTEEM car,but to the best of my knowledgethis model is out of production.
    I have been a proud owner of an ESTEEM car for more than a decade and Iam all praises for it, the driving comfort ,maintenance free and good average is what i associate with the car.
    Please go ahead and buy one but look for a clean piece preferably used by an elderly gentleman as they treat their vehicles well.
    Good Luck and happy driving

    Answer by Rajesh on Jun 4, 2009

  • maruti esteem has the best value for your money thats all i can say, comfort and performance are also un beatable.
    i am selling my 2006 esteem vxi if u are intrested call me on 9869009099
    Answer by Neeraj on Jun 5, 2009

  • i got 2 maruti esteem and this is the best value for money car in its segment if u buy a maruti esteem this will be an investment. i am selling my 2006 esteem vxi if u r intrested pls call me on 9869009099
    Answer by Neeraj on Jun 5, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Maruti Esteem is a good selection as used car. You can get a good conditioned car inprice range of around 1.5 Lac.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jun 6, 2009

  • I apperciate your choice but you can,t buy a new maruti esteem as the manufacturing and supply of model is already
    stopped by co.Now the only option is a used maruti esteem so
    i think you should buy 2006 or 07 model of Esteem VXI.
    Answer by D N SINGH on Jul 15, 2009

  • what is the similar car like maruti esteem?
    Answer by Digambar on Jan 28, 2013

  • ford ikon is similar to esteem
    Answer by R.k Takshak on Mar 3, 2016

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