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Hi, I have a Santro 2000DX model, I purchased the car recently for Rs.115000/-. But the car gives only 8kms/ltr. The authorised hyundai technician opined that its tuning is correct.Can you suggest the way to increase the mileage of the car. Anu
By Anujose 06 June 2009

Hi Anu,

This has been the reason i sold our my car.


Answer by Anamika Nigam 06 June 2009

I have already attempted to answer this question a few days back and the same is being exhibited on your site in response to an earlier question by the gentleman.It would appear that he has visited a technician; it is not clear if he has visited an authorised dealer. If he is not satisfied he should ask them to allow him to write to Hyundai, who will definitely respond to his query. One of your esteemed readers has also endorsed my views.I only hope he has not got his car repaired earlier by an unauthorised dealer; these cars cannot be tackled satisfactorily by unauthorised so called 'roadside' technicians.I do not know his location;if he is from Delhi, he could visit "Hyundai Motor Plaza", which is owned and operated by Hyundai.

Answer by Pradeep Jauhar 06 June 2009

1)Visit your authorised service personnel. don't get your vehicle serviced by roadside personnel.
2)Keep tyre optimally inflated
3)Driving in crowd will give less milage but should not be less than 10
4)Avoid frequent shifting of gear
5)Drive on right gear
6)Best milage is achieved on 5th gear & 50-70 speed limit(I am saying this based on my experience rather than any technical advise from any expert)
7)Keep vehicle properly serviced
8)Don't rest your left foot on the cluch while driving. it should be kept on the floor. Put it on the cluch only when required
9)Maintain speed. Frequent change in speed puts pressure on engine using more fuel
10)Check tyre pressure every 3 days
11)After doing all above, you are unable to better your milage, sell the damn vehicle.

Answer by Anurag Bhandari 06 June 2009

In addition to above suggestions from Anurag which are good driving tips....... it seems to me there is some technical problem with the car. recently one of my friends bought a santro 2002 model and he was getting an average of 7 to 8. after inspection at the hyundai service center it was found that car was running on two pistons only. two were gone. so get it inspected from a hyundai workshop. If you get the problem resolved than follow above tips for better mileage in future.

Answer by Rajesh 06 June 2009

Santro is an excellent car.Smooth running and gives good average.I was getting average of 15 km on highway and 12 km in city.Please show it to the company or some experienced engineer. e

Answer by Satish Gangrade 06 June 2009

I love to drive santro than any other car.What anurag has suggested u that is the good way to increase the milage.I have good mechanic he also suggest that one only.If u want more info contact.9841860933

Answer by Prabakr 06 June 2009


There could be multiple problems with this vehicle.
1. Engine tuning and MPFI settings need to be checked from authorised service centre as they can load a different set of parameters in the ECM /MPFI depending upon your vehicle's engine study to optimize the fuel intake
2. Check the pick up , brakes , especially handbrake may be stuck in one or more wheels
3. Fuel leakage due to pipe cut or sealings / washers bad
4. Inadequate tyre pressure, especially low pressure
5. Clutch could be a major player if it slips or remains engaged due to wromng settings
6. Spark plugs (1 or more could be faulty)
7. Fuel station pumping coulod be faulty. Some cheating do happen there . Try changing the petrol pump.
8. Use Poer Petrol Only if advised, else stick to normal petrol
9. Petrol filling to be avoided during daytines as evaporations and gases come in resulting in reduced actual fuel qty received as against meterd qty.

The points 8 & 9 could be culprits whioch you can check by yourself and others need to be checked at service stations or Good mechanics..


Answer by Hemant 06 June 2009

Actually old model santro give only 10km in city and high ways only 12km. but from 2005 santro erlx model only give in city 12km and hghway 15km. becoz manufacturer modified in engine torque. actually your engine i hope it is working properly may be fault in your driving. please check the below mentioned point for your problem
1.check tyre inflation.
2.check clutch play and condition.
3. avoid clutch pedal play driving.
4.check the engine timing , spark plug and fuel injector. just clean and place it.
if above mentioned points are correct mean check engine cylinders pressure with help of pressure gauge. may be your vehicle done much kms so that engine power escapes by pistion ring gapes to sump. but dont worry kms reading below 80 u need not to worry about anything just correct the 4 points thats enough.

Answer by Venkat 06 June 2009
Expert`s comment:

The mileage of 8 kmpl is quite less compared to expected mileage of around 14KMPL. Please get fuel pump and fuel supply system for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009

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Answer by Bharat Sanghvi 06 June 2009
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