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Hi, i have a Ford Ikon 1.6 nxt 2004 model. i want to fit disc brakes on the rear wheels. Is there any service center in Bangalore who can do this? The authorized service centers (Metro, Lathangi) can only replace parts which has even slightest of problems, they do not do any repair work and no help in that regard. Please help.
By Alok 05 May 2009

My Earnest request to you as a fellow Ikon owner. plz dont invest much in this car since its already 5years old.

This is not in Pessimism, but a word of caution. i am not sure about fitting Disc brakes to the rear wheel. but i ve done almost all possible modi's to my car.

but all gone vain. The car has started showing problems due to ageing. to top it all the cost of IKON's spares are too costly to afford the maintainance. and till date i've never missed even a single routine checkup and maintainance. but the car is as good as maintaining a C class car. Bottom Line - Dont invest on american cars(Ford's or GM's - Chevrolet's) which's crossed 4 or 5 years for Modi's.

Answer by Prabhu 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes I agree with Mr Prabhu.There is no point in investing in modifications of Used Ikon.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Hi Alok
Do not goto Ford service centre. It will cost you three times to the same item which you can get easliy fixed outside.
I leave in delhi and i know a good mechanci in delhi but do not have any idea in bangalore...
So i am not able to guide you for a local mechanic.
But try to ask any local guy may be they can help you...
I will try to ask my friends in banaglore if they know any local workshop.
Will post the information on on this forum if i got one.
Harish Kumar

Answer by Harish Kumar 06 June 2009

thanking you all for the valuable suggestions.
I do agree that the car is 5 yrs old, but it has run only 36000 kms and also because the usage is low, the interior/exterior of the car are extremely well maintained and without scratches. Engine performance is v good. Hence, i thought of some good makeovers when i get time.

Hi Harish, it'd be great if you can help me through your friends.


Answer by Alok 06 June 2009
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