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Please tell me about Fiat Palio Stile SDX. How far it is a good decision to buy fiat diesel, when we have swift, tata so many.
By Harry 05 May 2009

I have driven the petrole version of both cars. While swift definetely scores on modern instrumentation and silky drive inside city, in the department of stability at high speed no car has given the sense of total control as the Palio, ( not even Toyota carolla, which I currently own. While the palio's interiors are dated, the space and ergonomics are surely better than Swift. Both the cars use the same diesel engine ( FIAT MULTIJET 3.3)
Therefore my choice will be Palio.

Answer by MOHAN R 05 May 2009

I own a Fiat Palio but petrol Version. I Am happy with the vechile. however i will suggest that, if you are planning to sale your car after some 2 to 3 yrs. better go for Swift and any brand other than PALIO. since the resale price you wont be getting on PALIO. But your experience with PALIO will be very great. It's better than any other vechile for OWN use.

Answer by Manoj Tiwari 05 May 2009

Tata Vista Quadrajet and Palio Stile SDX share the Fiat engine and gear-box. Price of spare parts may be different. You may have a preference of shape and look, and also of drive quality. Take a test drive of both.
Fiat boot space is MUCH more than Swift. Swift back seat space is also known to be congested.
Take your family along while making a decision!!
best wishes... and give us your feedback.

Answer by Sridhar 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Palio does make a good choice for its space, safety features and performance but the body style is quite simple and does not give the impression like Swift.Msaintenance wise its not much costly but the initial investment is. Overall It will be worthy of buying palio SDX.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

I am owmer of palio for last 8 years.
I am happy with road stabilty
when question comes part availabilty and its cost, I think it is headache.
because whatever it is shortly supply, high cost and if we install in our car while selling it will not count in it.

Answer by Patel Navin 05 May 2009

I own fiat palio SDX multijet. the ride quality and stability are superb. It lags behind swift r Indica in city as it has got very big turning radius. in terms of fuel efficiency theres not much difference. The space and sturdy build definitely has the edge over swift and Indica(has got very good space) which gives u ultimate confidence even in high speeds which fares btter than Octavia(believe me). If u drive both city and highways then i suggest fiat, but if u r only city driver go for others.

Answer by Kranthi 06 June 2009
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