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I own a Santro DX 2000 model, it covered 65000 kms.the car gives only 8kms/ltr. the vehicles tuning is correct, is there any way to increase its mileage? what's the average mileage of old santros? kindly give reply
By Anujose 05 May 2009

Normally a Santro,with AC on, will give between 11-12 km/lt in City running in a place like Delhi, where you will encounter sto/go traffic as well as some stretches where you can drive with a proper speed. 8 km/lt is low, even if your car is a 2000 model car.At 65000 km, your car has hardly done much mileage and it would appear you have been using the car for city running purposes.If you were getting a good mileage earlier and are only getting 8 km/lt, you should show it to an authorised dealer and ask them what is wrong.

Answer by Pradeep Jauhar 05 May 2009

I have a car Hyundai Santro LP. My car with AC petrol millege giving 13-14. Incory. On the highway 15 also giving. I like santro.
Omvir Singh

Answer by Omvir Singh 05 May 2009

Pradeep Jauhar has given u the right answers / Suggestions. Also ask yourself if this has happened suddenly or after u have visited some garage. In city stop and go traffic as in Mumbai u cld have this kind of milage. Run over to a HASC and have an average test run carried out to put ur mind to rest

Answer by SH Gandhi 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The fuel supply system including pump needs to be checked.Sometimes petrol gets mixed with oil due to Fuel pump fault hence recommended to check the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Hi, Even I had the same problem, so either give it to any authorised service as they do tuning with all equipments needed for best mileage or if it does'nt improve better sell the car and buy another one like I did.

Answer by Vijay Kumar 05 May 2009
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