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I have a Ford Ikon Flair (2004). Recently it has lost its pick-up and has a lot of vibration while idling. Kindly let me know what might be the problem and the possible solutions.
By Shynu John 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

For pick up get the fuel supply system checked properly, overhaul if needed.For vibration problem the maincause can be the worn out engine bedding and rubber bushes.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Engine overhaul is needed. Actually if u have any well known and expert mechanic, u can make it done by him or else u need to go to Ford servicing centre, and obviously they will ask to make engine overhaul.

Answer by Vijay Kumar Reddy 05 May 2009

please check the air supply pipe and the air filter this could be the reason of vibration during the idling

Answer by Vinaysagar 05 May 2009


Answer by Bipul Kalita 05 May 2009

I had a similar problem. You have no choice but to take it to a Service Center - It would cost 5K.

Answer by Susanta 05 May 2009

I think the problem is due to incorrect fuel supply,air supply & timing and check the fuel injecters or replace them if needed.dont go for engine overhauling.pls mail me after getting corrected.
Biju John

Answer by Biju John 05 May 2009

The problem is with the distributor which passes the current from 4 spark of them might have got short so kindly get this replace so that the proper current can pass through all 4 spark plug.Its a black colour square type box which connects cords from spark plug.Get the orginal one fitted.

Answer by Sumit Grover 05 May 2009

hi.check fuel pump,egnition coil where the ignition wires r fitted,egnition wires(4) remove it and fit it properly one by one tight,spark plug,air filter,water supply to the engine is not blocked,fuel injector.

Answer by Nishikant 05 May 2009

There may be problem in fuel injection.Also please check the Spark plug and replace. The ignition system Viz the Electronic distributor also can give trouble. please check at all four spark plugs whether they are getting the firing signal in sequence.
since you have not mentioned the kilometers run,it is not advisable to recommend for Engine overhaul. The battery charge can be another reason. Please check the battery charging system for proper charging.

Answer by Sunderrajan 05 May 2009

get your spark plugs checked. There are chances that due to Excessive carbon deposition they might not be giving optimum results leading to vibrations in the car. Also get your distribution system checked for any possible cut outs in wires. The whole should not cost you more than Rs 500. Dont worry you will be enjoying your ikon soon after getting these checked.

Answer by Shikhar 05 May 2009

I had a similar problem and had to replace the ignition coil and all the 4 spark plugs.

Answer by Venkat 05 May 2009
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