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We read your article for CNG run cars & scooters. What we find difficulty in this is 1. Infrastructure of CNG filling station.(If any one has list of CNG filling station all India at least on N.H. & S.H.). 2. CNG tank lot many spaces than Petrol tank & LPG tank. 3. CNG kit is quite costly to LPG kit so additional cost is too high for less regular run. 4. The tuning of both the kits along with petrol is some time very cumbersome & costly too. I got my one petrol car run on CNG & another car run on LPG. Both are running OK, however i find that when it runs on Petrol it gives less fuel average(CNG 40% less & LPG 25% less). I find & reexamined this for more than twice. For CNG U need to change spark plug & cable to change frequently to get proper result, & proper drive other wise u do not find pleasure in driving. While for LPG it burns spark plugs some time & resulting in overheating of the engine which may damage engine gasket. My experience is that one need frequent visit to the car mechanics & garage to keep the car in condition which we were doing at the time of Fiat & ambassador.
By Rajesh Shah 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes you have provided the exact practicle prolems of LPG nad CNG . The problems occures due to the improper fitment of LPG/CNG kit. The fuel economy wont differ from that of petrol but it would be cost effective due to cost difference in per Kg of LPG/CNG and petrol.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009
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