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It is good to know that Hyundai is veering around to fit CNG and LPG kits in their cars. From a reading of your article it appears that the CNG kit is fitted in Delhi whereas the LPG kit is fitted in the factory. There are a lot of car owners of Hyundai vehicles who at some stage of ownership desire to retrofit LPG or CNG kits. For this they normally go to "roadside vendors", who do not have the same expertise as what Hyundai has when they fit these kits. Would it not be proper for them to train authorised persons to retrofit these kits in Delhi(for CNG) and all over the country for LPG kits. This would eliminate shoddy work that is done by some of the fitters and which exposes the cars to possibility of catching fire on account of the shoddy work. There have been cases of these in the past. I also wonder whether such retrofits are cleared by the Department of Explosives.Can this message be passed to Hyundai? I would appreciate a response if possible.
By Pradeepjauhar 05 May 2009

I completely endorse the views and would like to appeal to the manufacturer to provide only the kits at the least in the event of inability to provide retrofitting the existing cars on the road, to be retrofitted at the centres authorised by the Transport authorities.

Answer by Manjunath 05 May 2009

I appreciate your viewpoint by saying that roadside vendors are not the safest bet but at the sametime your view is extreamly lopsided and not even the half-truth..I have been driving my palio on cng for the past 2 years and hav done over 75000 kms and have faced no problem at all and i got my cng by an independent workshop and regarding the cars getting burnt even a person who has a passing knowledge of cars can tell that it happens due to poor maintainence and not a cng kit.Besides these independent workshops charge 40-50% of what a charges and also give a 2 year warranty on the kit along with getting your RC endorsed for a nominal fee...So I would suggest you do your homework better next time rather then misleading people..

And for all those people who want to fit a cng kit in their car,an independent workshop is perfectly safe and one must realise that accidents can happen with even the most careful of people so just keep an eye open...

Drive green & Drive Safe..Cheers

Answer by Rohit 05 May 2009

I have read the answer given by Mr. Rohit to question on fitment of CNG kits from independent workshops and his his more than a mere satisfaction level on the Palio which he uses in addition to his Baleno.
Mr.Rohit probab;y did not read my question properly; I had only mentioned that it would be good if Hyundai could do some basic training and authorise independent workshops,in addition to their dealers, to be adept for fitment of CNG kits.I am sure that kits would be fitted correctly in more than normal cases;however, there have been instances where not only cars with CNG kits have caught fire but even LCVs and Buses have caught fire due to (a) fault fitment and (b)improper maintenance. Normally, such cars fitted independently do not have proper clearance from DOE(Deptt. of Explosives) which should be there. They surely get the clearance from RTO but not from DOE; in the case of Hyundai and other OE manufacturers, these clearances are availble with them for fitments of LPG and CNG kits.I am happy that Mr.Rohit is comfortable with his Palio; my suggestion and question was directed at Hyundai to give necessary training for fitment of such kits to independent workshops.

Answer by Pradeep Jauhar 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Though the authorised LPG kit providers like Lovato etc have god servicing backup,the frequency of repairs for a Factory fitted versions like Santro Eco, Wwagon R duo is less than that fitted outside.Offcource with some exceptions.
As far as Hyundai cars on road going for LPG/CNG Kits is concerned , Hynundai dealer offers fitting the same and get it fitted even if kit is fitted fom outside , it will give good service provided maintanined well.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009
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