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Hi, I own a Maruti 800 latest type and am very much happy with the mileage and maintenance. now am planning to buy a second hand Accent 2003-04 model. My friends are suggesting me to buy a diesel one. Can any one please help me getting my queries answered. 1)What is the market evaluation value of a 2003-04 model accent petrol/diesel car , if the car is in good condition. 2) how is the maintenance of the car 3) what is the mileage in Petrol version and Diesel version. Please reply.
By Zaheer 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hyundai Accent of 2003/04 can be bought for around 2.75 lac.Maintenance is of average cost and body repairs cost will be on higher side app 6k replacement of bumper with painting.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

There are two versions of the Accent diesel. The first came with a Peugeot 1.5 from the Esteem diesel and was also used in Premier Auto cars. So spares are available with Maruti. Very economical and cheaper.

The second was the CRDI which came later and is costlier of the two. A more powerful engine and similar economy.

Answer by Sanket 05 May 2009

the diesel version of the car has been discontinued, so its better to go in for the new petrol version. the recent news is this that hyundai has introduced, a lpg version of accent'executive'model, which makes the running cheap.the lpg version would cost u about 5.5 to 5.7 lacs.

Answer by Umesh 05 May 2009

I would suggest you not to buy such a old diesel car, its going to be 6 years old and must have traveled a lot many kilometers, diesel engines after 80 thousand kilometers give a lot of problems, why don't you buy a swift diesel? a 2007 vdi should not cost you more than 3.8 lakhs, it has got a much better engine than the accent, and being maruti the service and maintainance cost are not as much as the accent

Answer by Ashvin 05 May 2009


1. Market value for 2003 CRDi is around 2.75 Lakhs & for 2004 is 3.00 Lakhs....(based on average condition of the car...)
2. Maintenance cost of Diesel vehicle is always higher compared with Petrol car....
3. Mileage for CRDi (2003/04)vehicle should be around 11/14 KMPL based on the condition of the Car. But the Power of the CRDi engine is exteremely good...

Tip --> The average life of the CRDi engine is around 80,000 Kms to 1.0 Lakh Kms...You should check the condition (compression ratio) of the Engine very carefully pther wise yopu may end up paying 1.2 lakh rupees for Engine overhauling. ( my experience)

I own a Accent CRDi 2003 August car ... available for sale..for 3.2 lakhs negoatiable...Karnataka registration.
The car is in excellent running condition...with mileage of around 14 KMPL city limits...(recently Engine overhauling done with 1.4 Lakhs spending)...

If anybody interested ...pls. do call me on +91-98660 19305

Best Regards,


Answer by Basavaraj S K 05 May 2009

I own a Tornado /Petrol version 2001 Model (fully Loaded with keyless entry , immobiliser, Alloy wheels etc.) . I bought it in Jan 2006 for 3.15 Lacs and converted to LPG. I get average of 7/8 in city driving and the maintenance cost is about 2000 per month (Including Tyres/Battery etc.) The car is very comfortable and reliable. All the original fitments are still working fine. 2003 Model should be available for about 2.5 to 3 lacs depending upon the fitments

Answer by Ajay K 05 May 2009

any sparingly used automatic transmission mid segment car
available preferably kerala regn 1to 2 yrs old?

Answer by Vaidyanathan 05 May 2009

My personal experience is not at all good with upgrading to a second hand diesel(I bought Accent CRDi- 2004 model 2 years back). Better go for a new car than a second hand car.

Answer by Anuj Kumar 05 May 2009
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