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HI, I want to select a diesel car from Indica Vista & Swift diesel. My question is do Swift have Quadrajet engine from FIAT which is fitted in Vista??
By Nilesh 05 May 2009

VISTA---------------------Value for Money, very advanced in comparision to swift

Answer by Shailendra 05 May 2009

The Swift is much more refined in terms of interiors, quality of materials etc and gives better mileage as compared to the VISTA.
Engine is the same 1.3 L that is from the Fiat stable.

Answer by Quraish 05 May 2009

SWIFT definately, if u prefer to have a no prob vehicle with all merits of a style Icon and performance of a horse which drinks less and runs more... Further just think of refinement levels of TATA in comparison with Maruti... Go for TATA when its time for u to buy Cheap and dashing looking SUV's like Safari/ Sumo / Xenon..

Answer by Mudit 05 May 2009

Hi Nilesh,
The answer depends on you.
Both swift and vista have same engine from fiat.
But, vista has a refined version and that is collaborated with fiat gearbox itself, which is very very smooth.

The brakes in vista give more confidence than swift, even when I believe that we should not drive too fast even with ABS cars.

However, you will need to sacrifice a bit on plastic quality when it comes to vista.

But, again, swift is charging more. I think it will cost you atleast 45K-55K more (top modells compared).

Moreover, you get a decent music system with vista, which has USB and aux-in inputs as well. It is not a bllaster, but sure gives nice feeling to people who listen normally.

Coming to boost... Swift gives a burst of boost around 2000 rpm.. where as vista starts giving nice boost from 2000 and continue the linear graph until 2500 rpm.
So, swift migght be better on highways, vista is definitely the winner in city conditions.
If you will drive more in a crowded city, vista is a boon, since it can easily drive on 20kmph in 3rd gear, and will save you from frequently changing of gears.

Coming to mileage, there is a slight difference of around 1.5 kmpl, with swift being the winner.
But, mileage more or less depend on teh person who is driving. There are so many variables like tyre pressure maintained or not, way of driving, city conditions etc. So, 1.5-2 kmpl is not that big a difference.

However, top end vista comes with much more features than swift.
I would say - go for a test drive for both teh cars and then decide for yourself.
Buy the one which brings a smile on your face.
That is important.

Hope that helps.

Answer by AjayY 05 May 2009

Why not buy a FIAT car instead. Try the Palio Diesel. Its is has the engine that you want and is more spacious & rugged that Swift.

Answer by Yusuf 05 May 2009

ajayy has given a good review, I would suggest go for the Vista as it is much more spacious and than the swift , the swift is very cramped, the engines are the same from fiat so there is not much difference there.

Answer by Ashvin 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes Mr Ajay has given good information.though both Vista and Swift Diesel have same engine.Vista looks good and has good safety features.Also little cheaper than Swift.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2009
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