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i have purchased swift dzire vdi on 9may this year and it has already clocked 5000 kms till date.generally we drove on 120-130 kmph and the mileage i got is 14-15 with all time ac problem is that will these condition affect the car lifespan.or i will opt for other cars like suv for so much running.will my car be able to withstand in these conditions for 2 years....
By Mayank 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The best answer is that you should run the maximum mileage during the warranty period and hence you need not worry at all.Put the vehice to best use and it should behave properly and you have to take it up with manufactures if you face any problem during the warranty period. After the warranty,drive caarefully but 120 kms perday is not at all to worry. You may know that Maruti 800 was driven for 3000 Kms non stop in Australlia for Guiness Book of records and it has come out sucessfully. I doubt NANO will stand that strain .Its wheels will fly off.
Dr P C Rao,Pune ,Retd Consultant,

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2009

is Dr p c rao really a consultant? i doubt his expert comments .i"ve read his comments earlier also generally they are biased and in favour of a particular brand as if he is being paid to talk against Tata Motors.ifTata products are so bad then every indica indigo and half the taxi industry would go down the drains.i"m aproud owner of a Tata product and have clcked107000 kms onmy indigo in 2 years without any trouble.if aperson takes good care of any car i.e. timely service checking engine oil condition air filter timely replacement of timing belt the car run without trouble .so infuture pls give responsible comments theautu industry does not go by your personl bias.thanks rajive owner of tata indigo

Answer by RAJIV 05 May 2009

Mayank, no doubt you are a reckless driver otherwise you must be having an average of minimum 20 kmpl at any speed with AC on. I am getting 25-26 on highways with most of the drive between 100-150 kmph with AC on. This model is suitable for those who travel most but in your case, it is extreme as you have driven 5000 kms in just 12 days which means about 450 kms per day. In this way you will cover about 300000 kms in two years. In my opinion you have choosen the right car. Now don't abuse the car and get the timely service preferably after every 7500 kms or in your case say after every 15-20 days against after every 10000 kms as the company claims. In this way I hope this car will serve you like anything. Please keep us informed through this column about the performance of your vehicle. Thanks

Answer by Kd Singh 05 May 2009

Dear Mayank, Don't worry and be happy with your Car. Diesel vehicles are meant for Running only. But, if you are running vehicle on high speeds, then you must go for SUV like Mahindra, Tata or Chevrolet, which are made as per Indian mentality, traffic and roads. May be, by chance & unfortunately if you met an accident you shall be less injured in Scorpio or Safari as compared to Swift D'zire.

Answer by Mohan Chandak 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Its good thet you are making maximum out of Swift. No need to worry about performance and lifespan in maintenance is carried out according to schedule.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

sir,please help me out in confusion with purchasing swift dezire or Etios or some else which car is preferable in deisel

Answer by VIPUL MISTRY 12 December 2012
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