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I have a Santro XL model. While purchasing I opted for body color bumpers. In a recent accident, the bumper was damaged and when I submitted for insurance, they are refusing saying that the XL model doesn't come with body color bumpers. I don't understand the logic as the car was insured when it had body colored bumpers. Is the Insurance provider right?
By Ganesh 05 May 2009

i think u may go to hundai show room and enqury for colour of bumper and also collect broucher to show insurance.. and also my idea is that plastick items not insure.

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The insuranc provider must be give 50% for bumper as its plastic item.The surveyour might be trying to reduce price as much as possible.Even the insurance provider must provide adequate reason for that, generally they wil also be having information about all models.Its recommended to recheck with dealer for that.However If you have left car in authorised dealer, the concerned bodyshop manager will take care of negotiations with Insurance provider.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Yes, the bumpers provided by the insurance company is black(by default the bumpers made by the company is black), and colouring is upto you. However you can claim for the painting the bumpers from the insurer. One more thing, you will have to pay 50% of the bumper cost(since insurance companies provide 50% cost of the plastic parts).

Answer by Harshbir Singh 05 May 2009

The plastic items carry 50% claim, just check on that.

However, if you have mentioned the paint (since it was not factory default) on the insurance papers, then it should be covered, else the black bumper will be covered and you will have to incur costs for painting it.

Answer by Amit 05 May 2009

the insurance co. is right.

Answer by Manu Joshi 05 May 2009

As regards insurance matters, is there a forum where we can challenge the "50% claim only allowed on plastics", as the plastic has been introduced as a substitute for metal by virtue of its strength and resistance to deformation, better value for money, today even valve covers are made of plastic and withstand extreme temperature. The word "PLASTICS" should not be interpreted as fragile and therefore more likely to break on its own and therefore attribute only 50% of the cause to be the accident or that 50% of its value is deteriorated immediately on use. Insurance companies are fleecing the comprehensive policy holders because they are paying out huge sums on "Third Party Claims". Readers may kindly help in forming a represtation forum for taking up the issue of "PLASTICS" with the IRDA.

Answer by Manjunath 05 May 2009
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