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Please think twice before you answer this question. It is related to car elecrical system. I live in remote village. As usual there is no electricity. i travel 100 kms to this remote place. That is the story. Now the question to electronic engineer. Can i keep one extra battery in the Boot. How do i charge the battery to be used for inverter when i reach the remote place,for one light and fan,for overnight use? can i charge the battery off the cigarette lighter? Will it affect the car system?
By Yash 05 May 2009

Your question prompted me to answer.

Your needs are as follows.

1. Need car battery for car usage
2. Need an additional battery for other uses when you reach your destination. This battery needs to be charged in the car.

Now coming to your point.

The additional battery cannot be charged in the car as car battery is charged by Alternator running the electricals of the car. The power produced in mobile charger unit is too low to charge battery.

You can try an option, see if you can fit another battery in the hood of the car and connect it to the alternator. Once the car is started you can test if it is able to charge both the batteries. Other than this I don't think you have any other option of charging your battery.

Answer by Amit 05 May 2009

it is very difficult to give answer by twice and clear which car u having, and why not buying seprrate cigaret lighter seprately. and buy also seprate musik system .and buy also china make emergency light with fan . why u defend on ur car for all needs .but u have additinal battery for drive purpose . pl reply how is my answer

Answer by Gautam Jain 05 May 2009

please don't try, just do one thing and i m sure it will work nicely,just because car's ulternator can not charge two batteries at a time (it may burn some electronic parts of the alternator)so please connect a two way switch between both the batteries and divert the ulternator's currunt time to time,most of the good batteries get charged within one hour drive can also put a timer switch to divert the ulternator's out-put currunt to charge both the batteries.

all the best

Answer by Praveen 05 May 2009

dear friend,
look for two btys which are maint free like bosch germany,which can be replaced for inverter use on return to day again use this second bty used in inverter for running the car, and follow the cycle. pl study the tech specification of these btys before you buy. i am sure that inverter is used for limited period only.

Answer by Profhmj 05 May 2009

Dear Friend
Why break ur head for two batteries, just go for Solar Power

Answer by Manjunath 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

As the purpose is to use for the whole night. Recommend to have three battery one spare to start the car and other which can be used for both using in the car and for runnig fan.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009
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