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Want to buy the Indigo Cs Petrol model but I hear the engine is not as good as the diesel one and there is no resale value for this car
By Derek Fernandes 05 May 2009

Its not that he engine is bad, but the engine is not that smooth when compared to other manufacturers. Besides the fuel consumption for indigo CS petrol is not great either. Take a test drive and then decide.

Answer by Shikhar 05 May 2009

I owned a diesel Indigo and had a dream run.The TATAs have been pioneers in Diesel vehicles primarily ( as evidenced by their line up for Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles) and hence if you are going for a TATA car diesel is preferable.

Answer by Radha 05 May 2009

I owned deisel version of Indigo and that was quite good. But yes theer is no resale value of any versions of Indigos. Not even tata gives good resale value.

Answer by SAGAR 05 May 2009

Even I owned deisel version of Indigo n its not at all good in performance wise n even n mentainance wise. I face a lots of problems,as soon as 1 completed another 1 rises immediately its a shit... xcept Tata N Mahindra company rest every1 is very good..........

Answer by KASHIF 05 May 2009

correct no resale value 4 petrol indigo/better go 4 hundai

Answer by Asifzeya 05 May 2009

Well I owned a tata indigo GLX petrol version for 4 years, sold it off 3 months back. As far as the engine goes it is not as refined as the other cars in that sector.Average is definetly less, I use to get 10 in city and 12/13 on high ways with A/C.Resale value is less than other cars.
As I say u get what u pay for, The price that tata takes for that car is good enough for what it is giving u in that car.
Well if u ask me I was happy with the car had no problems, except for its average.As fer as the maintenance is concerned had to do only regular servicing no major problems.Bye

Answer by Rupesh 05 May 2009

1. Clear your requirement(for hw many yrs / average / look / pick up etc)
2. Clear your budget

Indigo CS is good car with stable engine. Definitely resale for petrol car will be less for all TATA versions. Diesel cars are quite economical in terms of more travelling resale is jst better thn thr petrol versions. Engine little noisy compare to other but over Tata sedan diesel is is recommandable. If your wann use like few kilometers in month & want for more than 4-5 yrs then go for petrol

Answer by Jagjit 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

There nare no much problems with Indigo Petrol but the power is comparitively less.It does make a good selection consiering the fact that you can enjoy comfort of sedan including spacious interiors and luggage space combined with resonable performance, available at 5 to 5.5 lac onroad.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009
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