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i am having Indica V2 DLX diesel car 2005 model its giving poor mileage of 15-16 kmpl, what i have to do to improve mileage?
By Santhosh 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Santosh, 15-15km/ltr is very good for a 2005 Indica. Do not try to mess around with the engine in want of getting a better mileage. It just might get worse.

Answer by Joshua 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Considering the onroad performance and mileage of India V2 diesel, the mileage of 15-16KMPL is quite OK.For increasing mileage you can use additives for fuel other than mmaintaining the car well and using better driving skills.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009


Answer by Vishal 05 May 2009

15-16 kmpl is good however you can check your fuel pump

Answer by Sufyan 05 May 2009

Hi, if u r getting an avg of 15-16 kmpl, it is good. My indica V2 2001 DLS model was giving me 18 kmpl in city of Delhi w/o ac, so if u have frequent start-stops, the mileage may be lesser. Depending on the driving style, mileage fluctuates, but I wouldn't worry too much if u r getting 15-16 kmpl

Answer by Dipankar 05 May 2009

Average is superb ,you are good driver ,
but get rid of it , you do not deserve this jalopy vehicle.

Swift an eysore (because it's everwhere(especially silver color)
Indica a whore ( it being screwed by each and every !)

Answer by Jaipal Kumar 05 May 2009

shukar karo chal to rahi hai,main to khud sale kar raha hun .2007 dlg turbo 325000

Answer by Manish 05 May 2009

my 2003 dec car is giving an avg of 12-13. pl help

Answer by Manish 05 May 2009

dear i am having a dls 11/2004 and i am satisfied with my car, i think average of your car is less my car is giving me of 18 km/pl with ac and without ac is 21 km/pl on highways you should go for a nice service of the vehicle and get cleaned of your vehicle catalic converter and after that i think your car's giving you nice average and if it is not giving the average you should go for setting of pump with a good mechanic and please do let me know what happen .

Answer by Sanjiv 05 May 2009
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