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Hi I would like to purchase a second-hand small car with automatic transmission. My budget is 3.5 lakhs or less. Which would be the best way to go? I was thinking of Wagon R 'coz it's compact & therefore easier to maneuver. Any thoughts? thanks.
By Keerthi 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Wagon R, does not come with a factory fitted AT. Santro had a variant, but discontinued. Hyundai i10 has AT ahs optional with the 1.2ltr Kappa engine. But It would be a bit more than your budget. Check for the exact price in your city.

Answer by Joshua 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can try with used Santro AT. If you go for Manual transmission versions, you will have much better options among hatchback like used Getz,Palio and Swift etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Wagon R is perfect, coz I am using the same vehicle from last 5years and I am very much comfortable with all especially for city use.

Answer by Premdas 05 May 2009

Share a similar thought as others, you dont get Wagon R with factory fitted AT. Rather go for a medium mileage Wagon R or a brand new Santro with AT which is a much better choice.

Answer by Praveen 05 May 2009

In 3.5 u can get a new manual transmission Wagon R or Santro. Preferably go for a new one than an old one. Wagon R is a good value for money car. Have driven both wagon R & santro for the almost 6 years. Find the Waon R better any day.. Unfortunately Wagon R does not come with AT.

Answer by Sumit 05 May 2009

Hi I would recommend a Wagon-R, although if you need AT, you would need to get it retro-fitted. Also looking at your budget, it would be better to stretch a little and go for a new one as opposed to a second hand.

Answer by Maneesh Chaturvedi 05 May 2009

Its an awesome car. The best car for all types of roads. Absolutely problemless car. Just go for it! But if you are going for any auto transmission car, the mileage will be low. Just think about it before u finalise. In short, Wagon R is the best car

Answer by Shankar Kumar 05 May 2009

I had a Wagonar till March 2008 and sold it off.
Wagon R does not come with AT .
Wagon R has good driving comforts but I was never happy with its milage .it used to give me 12KM/L in city with AC .
Secondly wwith a budget of 3.5L you should go with new car rather than old one . Four years old wagon R should be around 2L.

Answer by Sunil Kathuria 05 May 2009

Wagon-R is a good option & will come in within yr budget. I suggets you to buy either after complete check-up of the vehicle or from some certified dealer selling re-conditioned cars whiche are more reliable.

Wagon-R is an excellent choice & I am also using the vehicle since late 2003 onwards without any issue in city & outside city both.

Answer by Dig 05 May 2009

I had a Wagon R Lxi till December 2008 now I've bought Swift Dzire Vxi.
Wagon R is simply perfect and good for comfortable city use as well for long drives with mileage 14+ with AC in city and 16+ on highways. Good high seats gives you better view of the road & makes easy to step in & out, seats were comfortable, shifting gears was very smooth, bigger leg room and boot space then any other car in it's segment.Very smart and practical use of every part inside. A real family car in real terms.
I strongly recomend this car but I'll suggest,go for a new car rather than a second hand .

Answer by Jaspal Singh 05 May 2009

Hello Keerthi

I had Wagon R Lxi (Manual Transmission), which I used for about 4 years. This is a fantastic car. Absolutely problemfree.

Further I would suggest that instead of going for a secondhand car go for new one as initial 4-5 years of any car are quite hassle free.

I do not know wheather the new design of wagon R has the flexible arrangement of seats which helps you change the internal seating arrangement based on your requirement of luggage and passenger carrying capacity.

Hope this helps you.

Answer by Vijay 05 May 2009
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