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I want to know the valuation of used Honda Activa. Please suggest the website for the same. Also Please provide me the valuation of the same on the basis of registration regardless of any other factor. such as - 2003-19 2004-22 2005-25 2006-XX 2007-XX 2008-XX
By Satinder 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

For judging actual resale value the condition of the bike does make a important factor along with the present market value which varies for each vehicle depending on performance onroad and reliability.For judging resle value on basis of year, we will have to consider 10% depreciation per year as a whole.In most of practcle sale it wont be possible to sale according to depreciation.
Considering onroad price of Activa at around 45k,It can be sold between at 35k for 2008 model and 25K for 2003 model.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

as ur maths pl add 3000 /per year means 28k for 2006 //31 k for 2007 //34 k for 2008// but it is a wrong theary , higher models r some top price r selling . but lower model go to less .because buyer of low models have to expence more instead higher model. so he expect some less in price. 17//19//22 //25// 29//35// may correctmore

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 05 May 2009

Hi i am ready to sale honda activa 2006 july model very well good conditioned having good tyres. What cost I expect.

Answer by R V R Reddy 11 November 2014

hi i am ready to sale honda activa 2010 august model good conditioned total 42000 kilometers runned

Answer by Abhinash 05 May 2016

Activa 2007 modal very good condition what cost to expect

Answer by Kumar Paul 07 July 2016

Activa 2009 model , 57000 km good engine condition what cost to expect.

Answer by Lokesh 03 March 2017

Activa 2009 model , 57000 km good engine condition what cost to expect.

Answer by Lokesh 03 March 2017

I have activs 2010 24000 km drive..what is current price

Answer by Sandeep 05 May 2017

Honda activa 2012 model run 22000kms, what woyld be its resale price.I am interested to buy.

Answer by AS Negi 07 July 2017

I have active 2014 nov model 11100 km driven what should be price

Answer by Kartik 11 November 2017

Honda Activa 2013 model Feb month 23000 km running single owner Delhi number

Answer by Rajesh Kumar 03 March 2018

i want to sell my activa 2004 model. Extremely good condition. what price i will get. If you want to visit please drop your email

Answer by Jay 06 June 2018

2013 model automatic 40000 2nd owner give price

Answer by Jitender 09 September 2018


Answer by Jitender 09 September 2018

Basically a useless site if no one posts any answers for donkeys years
Not even the website owners
What is the use of looking here

Answer by AJ 02 February 2019

2006 m0del .good condtion .what price i should get.first owner

Answer by Joginder 07 July 2019

May 2005 hind activa i want to sell

Answer by Noorali 07 July 2019

Honda aviator

2008 model panipat

Answer by Rishab 07 July 2019
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