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which is the most powerful car(BHP) in hatchback segment in india?
By Mandar Khatawkar 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The hatchback car with most powerful engine within budget range of 10 lacs is Hyundai Getz 1.5GVS with 110 BHP folowed by Ford Fusion 1.6 with 101 BHP and Fiat Palio 1.6 Sport with 100 BHP.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Which is most powerful diesel hatchback in india with a budget of around 6 lakhs

Answer by GOUTOM BANERJEE 02 February 2011

powerful in terms of what?!!
want to go at 200km/hr
or just want acceleration and pick up.

the swift diesel in enormous in delivering instant torque and with a very great pick up.
but the car can't touch more than 150-160, i think no hatch can touch 200 being normal.

Answer by Mantra 02 February 2011

Polo GT 1.6 TDI is the Best Hachback Car which I Ever Seen After Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRDI in India...Swift, i20,Vista, Figo and Micra All Car are Useless.....

Answer by Saleem Sulthan Z A 09 September 2013

wat man u haven't any ideas ma i20 gets eaisly a speed of 160 and above i can prove it...i think i20 and vw's polo is good speedy hackbacks in india with a budget of 9 or 8 lacks

Answer by Joseph 09 September 2013

the best hatchback indian car i recommend is TATA INDICA V2 COMPARE its price,fuel economy,maintanance.... i own a 2004 model indica done 80000.00 kms, i drive at a speed of 150kmph during long drives usually to mysore weekly.. a great indian bull.. i mean to its price

Answer by K Suresh 10 October 2011

In Hatchback Car Segment with Most powerful Engine is One And Only Hyundai Getz CRDI 1.5 GVS with 110 BHPI Dont Know Why Its Stop.....

Answer by Saleem 10 October 2012

The thread missed polo 1.6

Answer by BM 01 January 2013

fiat punto is a best hatch back car great acceleration and controling

Answer by Neeraj 03 March 2013


Answer by Mithun 03 March 2013

powersul - Punto. The overall best - Indica V2

Answer by Hari 03 March 2013

Wot d hell man.. Swift cant touch 160... Say u r afraid wen d needle goes past 100kmphr mark. Swift can easily do 180. Nd i hav done it

Answer by Hari 04 April 2013

Swift diesel drived at 175 km at Kanyakumari 4 Lanes Road.after 150 km speed acceleration takes extra seconds thats all. What is the top speed of latest Honda Amaze ? 140 or 170?

Answer by Vijay Kumar 05 May 2013

Wait for the Punto Abarth or the VW polo GT....You will get your answers

Answer by Sheel 05 May 2013

punto is the best hachback car which i ever seen in india...swift and indica both have fiat mulijet engine so without fiat's engine both car are useless.....

Answer by Shubhrant 06 June 2013

Buy Honda Amaze Diesel SMT its 1500 cc engine. it`s a sedan car
1) BUY Bajaj insurance on your own. you will save 5000/-
2) avoid road side assistance as Bajaj insurance cover it. you will save 1700 x 4 = 4500.
3) don't buy extended warranty you will save 7000/-. as in 1st & 2 yrs of Honda warranty you will learn whether the engine is perfect or defective. During the 2 yrs. Warranty, if you feel that you still want to go for an extended warranty before the expiry of your original Honda warranty, you can buy it.
4) Honda Amaze – Diesel comes with ABS and EBD braking
5) Fuel average is the best.
6) In Honda Amaze EMT and EXMT you do not get charging point. The roadside shopkeepers with a dual harness pull out a charging point, the 1st point goes to the deck and 2nd goes to the charging point. Both consume 12 Volts each from single wire that has 12 volts (single) fuse. Honda can void warranty which such alteration. And please avoid cigarette lighter for sure, as it requires 15 Volt. In such a scenario its better to by SMT petrol or diesel.
7) You cannot fit wheel cap in base variant.
8) Mr. Latish - LINK WAY Honda Andheri (east), Mumbai - 9223546209
This is the only way you can save money on Honda
Thanks & Regards,
Ajay Rath
Email. :

Answer by Ajay 10 October 2013


Answer by Ajay 10 October 2013

have anybody tested ritz petrol..... if not just try it

Answer by Vinay 11 November 2014

Abarth Punto Evo 1.4 L MultiAir Turbo engine. The top speed is 213 km/h

Answer by Sami Mangalore Drifter 10 October 2015

which is better to buy Maruti alto k10 or WagonR ?

Answer by Manas 11 November 2015

Punto abarth & polo gt is a most powerful hatchback in india....... & punto is batter than polo gt because it's controlling & breaking is more powerful & it's top speed near 200kph

Answer by Dhruv 12 December 2015

Tested and experienced POLO and PUNTO are the fastest and safest hutch back cars in india...

Answer by Crazy Cars 12 December 2015

I agree with Crazy cars view but.. for Punto being first and Polo next

Answer by Devan 01 January 2016

New Verna 180 km/h easy.

Answer by Pragadeesh 03 March 2016

Abarth punto is fun to drive

Answer by Kunal 06 June 2016


Answer by ALLAN 06 June 2016

iNDIAN top hatch back abarth punto - ita ultimate car- 145 bhp- No indian hatch back has got this power,

Answer by Prashanth Dk 10 October 2016
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