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I am buying a Hunday Accent 2000 Model car and after buying i have totally repaire his engine with orignal parts and running the car only 500 Km now i install a LPG kit into the car is it ok or it reduce the engine life. Pls, confirm. How can i protect my engine give some tips.
By Dharmender Singh Choudhery 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

As you are getting the engine overhauled its recommeded to not to install LPG at this stage as it maight lead to increased maintenace cost.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

I have an Hyundai Accent Viva. I have not fixed a LPG/CNG kit in my car so I wont be able to answer the question. MY car is very peppy and has a lot of speed hence I dont think I will ever opt to fit a LPG /CNG kit.

Answer by Danish 05 May 2009

well what i sugest .. since you got the car over hauled... then just do not drive too fast and maintain it .. coz this car can give you a whooping 17 milage on the highway and if you fuel pump and the clutch is good then try and avoid shifting gears and i am sure the car wil give you and excellent milage and either go for a K&N filters and genuine parts and i sware it you do not wan to use a LPG as what you are looking for is just milage and fuel cost just follow very simple steps and se your vehicle perform. make sure you do a nulon engine treatement for your vehicle and i am sure it wil perfom like a race horse.. LPG is a waste of money and time

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2009

installing LPG/CNG kits in accent is never recommended.It will affect life of engine.Moreover it lowers the power of car.You can instantly feel the diffrence in running car on petrol or LPG.

Answer by Lalit 05 May 2009

i wont be able to tell u this. i am really happy to run my car on petrol, and its really peppy and smooth, i wont think of changing that status for lpg.
best of luck.

Answer by Umesh 05 May 2009

Hi! Dharmender, I drove Hyundai Accent which was petrol version and it was an amazing vehicle. Be it city or highway, plains or hill I went with the family...full load and never a problem. With petrol I even touched an average of 23 km per litre on the high way..ofcourse that time it was brand new. If with petrol I could get such amazing performance then I would never think of putting LPG as it would restrict my area limits and would have to think before leaving the city and am never too sure about saftey norms for driving with LPG on board........HAPPY DRIVING!!

Answer by Rajesh 05 May 2009

Hi..I read most of the answers give to ur Q. Has any one done any kind of research???
Well I have done a good research on LPG Kits... It's a myth that engine goes weak. Actually nothing happens.. Go for it. You will save more money and the engine will function better with low maintenance cost.
I have a Sonata which is 2004 June. Recently I have fitted LPG kit. The performance has not come down and I'm getting the same mileage as I was getting on petrol. However u needs to ensure that the Retrofitter is good/ RTO approved.
What kind of kit to be used?
Sequential injection system and the old kit. Italian or Polish kits are most famous ones. Need to ensure good injectors are used. Preferred will be 1. VALTEK 2. Rail. If wrong choice is made for the injector Nozzle then u will experience jerks and lack of power. Right Dia for you car (Accent 1.5) will be 2.1mm with 3 OHM and 2.4 with 1 OHM.
After fitment, 1st 2days driving will not be a great exp. however it betters once vehicle is driven over 200kms.
Finally RTO endorsement will cost 150Rs only so don't get fooled by the Agents.
I can mention all here due to space contraint.
write to me if u wish to know more

Answer by Vivek 05 May 2009

please do not spoil the car by fitting a gas kit... infact i wont suggest gas kit in any of the sedan as it kills the actual sedan experience... it is ok for small cars but not for mid-size sedans..

Answer by Krishna 05 May 2009

Hi i have an ascent Viva Petrol Person i installed CNG kit from Authorised dealer with Advanced timeer and Lamdada System.Car gives gives me a milege of 0.90 paise/Km Non AC and 1.50 Paise/km on AC.with the use of Advanced timer in CNG kits Pickup is same as petrol and lambada system controls the excess flow of CNG gas to the engine.At the maitennence point of view i serviced my Car every 4000 km and their is no extra cost to pay on maintenance.So that my Experience of using Ascent viva 1.6 DOHC with CNG is good.It's a myth that engine goes weak. Actually nothing happens.

Answer by Amit 05 May 2009
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