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Which is better car of 2 --- Maruti Swift Dezire VDI or Ford Fiesta Duratorq EXI. Priorities are Great Comfort, good mileage, Good Handling, Reliable & Cheap service, low maintainable & Most Important --- Good Resale.. Lets say after 5 years which of above 2 cars will have good resale value. Regagards VJ
By VIMAL 05 May 2009

Ford Fiesta 1.4ZXi TDCi, Diesel model is better
than Swift, as per priorities.
Please go ahead for Ford Fiesta only.
I have been using the same for the last 2.6 years,
without spending single rupee on maintenance except
routine maintenance. No problem, even a single time;
in 28000 km.
Please go ahead for Ford Fiesta.
Resale value is also good.

Answer by VINOD 05 May 2009

Fiesta has more comfort, it is driver friendly, powerful AC mileage both are same, it has feel good factor since higher sedan when compared to Dizire entry level. Also looks of dizire is not very appealing especially the boot

I personally advice for fiesta

Answer by Dr Chandrashekar 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Fiesta wins over Dzire in all parameters except low maintenance.Though comparitively Fiesta maintennce is costlier the Performance, comfort,and resale value is better for Fiesta.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

the fiesta is way ahead there is no comparison, i have been using one for a while now and its just a beautiful machine.go for the fiesta...

Answer by Dhananjay 05 May 2009

don,t buy feista go for dezire you will get everything what ever you have asked or you go for honda vtec

Answer by Pankaj Shah 05 May 2009

no worth taking these cars better is go for maruti zen estilo becoz my best freind is using that

Answer by Rishi Bhasin 07 July 2010
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