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Is it ok to fitted LPG kit in Hunday Accent Car.How much average it will give on LPG per litter. Also confirm that hunday accent is a low maintenance car or higher maintenance car.
By Dharmender Singh 05 May 2009

Fit CNG not LPG.

It works perfectly with the CNG Kit. No problem at all. Avg of appx. 14 km to a kg

Its low maintenance. hardly any trouble.

Answer by Kushal 05 May 2009

I can't recommend CNG or LPG but a second hand or a new Hyundai Accent can be a wonderful car with low maintenance as well as good mileage. My Accent GLE 2006 model is giving mileage of 111 in city and 15+ on highways............

Answer by Brajesh Bolia 05 May 2009

Experts don't recommend LPG/CNG kit in Hundai cars. You can confirm it from authorized LPG/CNG kit dealers.

Accent is really excellent car,really low on maintenance.

Answer by C Desai 05 May 2009

is suitable for LPG tank, but i do now about per litre for LPG Tank. Hundai Accent ism very very very low mainteance.

Answer by Vijay 05 May 2009

do u have a car or u intend to buy one, if u intend to buy a new hyundai accent, (executive) model, then its available in two variants, petrol and CNG variant.
so if company is selling cng variant, means its good for the car.
its absolutely a beauty of a car, no hassels, low maintainence.

Answer by Umesh 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:


Considering the investment, fuel economy after fitting CNG, maintenance and handling problems,we recommend not to go for CNG.However in case of company fitted CNG/LPG versions like Wagon R DUO and Santro ECO the performance is quite better as engine and related parts are suitably designed according to requirment.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

I have no idea about LPG performance. But for CNG fitted (not company fitted)Accent car, the performance is very good.The avarage is about 17 KM/KG of CNG (non-AC) in city condition.

Accent is a low maintenance car in the first 5 years.

Answer by Tarak Ghosh 05 May 2009

dont go for CNG gentleman! Now im running the 8th year of smooth running of Hyndai Accent.

Answer by JOSEPH 05 May 2009

NO LPG KIT please.kind request -dont go for LPG.

Maintenance is on higher side.Maruti is best

Answer by Mallikarjuna 05 May 2009

Hello Dharmender,
A CNG kit is a good option, if you are in Mumbai as filling stations are there everywhere, it will increase the mileage for sure, save a considerable pinch on the poctet, no much decrease in power.get it filled at a professional. maintenance in minimum.

Answer by Reuben Barros 05 May 2009

I m planning for accent executive 2009 19,000km done Do u recommend for LPG it or not Pl suggest ..???

Answer by Rahul 11 November 2011

Hi, If you are in a big city where non adulterated petrol or diesel are readily availabled,then please don't go for LPG or CNG kits. If the petrol or diesel are mixed for profit, well either with kerosine or others at your fuel stations, then please try for the gas kits.

Answer by Ibotombi Okram 11 November 2011

Hyundai accent on CNG kit give 10km/kg without AC, and on highway 16.5km/kg without AC.

Can any one know about accent average on LPG kit.

Answer by Nikhil 04 April 2014

Hyundai accent on CNG kit give 10km/kg without AC, and on highway 16.5km/kg without AC.

Can any one know about accent average on LPG kit.

Answer by Nikhil 04 April 2014


Answer by Gopal 03 March 2015

MY Hyundai accent fore Lpg kit

Answer by Gopal Raut 03 March 2015

lpg kit is succes on the assent viva car yes or no tell me

Answer by Jatin 07 July 2016

I have accent GLE car model 2004 Dec., its mileage is very low i.e i fill petrol for RS 500 and gives 50km output. How should i raise the mileage please sugget.

Answer by Anil Prajapati 07 July 2018

Hi sir I have 2011model accent exicutive now 75234 km run I think to fit LPG GAS KIT how about that please give some information

Answer by Manjunathprasad.n 08 August 2019

Yes. I have install LPG Kit for my Hyundai Accent 2006 model. Its working fine. Excellent pickup than petrol. Its giving around 15KM for one KG. Installed one year before still now there is no issue.

I have installed sequential Injunction Kit which cost 24 thousand - STAG Kit.

Answer by Dhakshinamoorthy P 03 March 2020
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